Monday, August 26, 2013

The reality of missionary life--getting caught in the rain


The amazing juene filles in our ward!! They are soo sweet. They made this sign for us.

Bonjour tout le monde!
First off, I apologize I am writing to you when it is like the middle of the night for you. I hope I don’t wake anyone up! Also, I am sorry this is going to be a pretty short letter. I have only about 40 minutes to write today. There is a slight possibility I might be able to get back on later though! I will see what I can do. So look out for maybe another email later. Also I might have some time today to write some letters, so anything I miss in this email I am going to try and write in letters! But I am not making any promises...haha. I am so crunched for time because we are going to the mountains today! The Pyrénées! Actually if it was my choice I would probably rather like go to a museum today or somthing. But just going with the flow. One of the ward members is taking us four sisters with them on their hike today. So it should be way fun! And beautiful! I will definitely be sending some pictures next week.
 This week absolutely flew by! So fast I can’t even believe it. It was a very fun week though. We had Zone Conference in Bordeaux this week, and I went up a day earlier because I did an exchange with one of the sisters there. It was soo fun! It was with one of the Sister Training Leaders and I learned so much from here in just one day. It was so cool. She has been here for a year so I was asking her every question about French I could think of. We had some crazy miracles too! We went porting; door to door, and we were so set on finding someone to let us in. It is pretty rare to actually have someone invite you in when you are going door to door, but we had the faith it would happen. AND IT DID!! It was so crazy. And of course it was the very last house we knocked on (well, rang the sonery) It was so funny because we talked to the guy and he said "Non, merci!" So we started to walk away and then all of a sudden they come running out yelling "WAIT! He wants to listen!" And his friend who lived with him was interested in what we had so say, so they let us in! They were just these two young guys so they weren’t like about to be baptized or anything, but it was still such a cool miracle. It was so fun to see that happen. We just talked to them about the livre de mormon for a little bit then had to run to another rendez-vous.
 And then Zone Conference was sooo great! Zone Conference is when the Roneys come and talk to us. And we get an interview with President Roney. I love them so much. We have the best president ever. And sister Roney is just the sweetest lady ever. My interview with president was just simple and I told him that I really am doing so well despite just despite the normal hard times that come to every missionary.
 Alright, Y--. This week was full of many ups and downs with him. It was such a learning experience. We had a lesson on last Tuesday that was just absolutely terrible. We felt so bad afterwards and just wanted to cry. First he decided to bring his lesbian friends. So that was awkward. Haha and then the whole lesson he just talked about all his worries he has about baptism and about the ward. I could just really almost literally see in that lesson, Satan trying to get to his head. Because Y-- is going to be an amazing Priesthood holder someday. And Satan doesn’t want that. BUT then Saturday we had an amazing lesson that made up for it. It was soooo good. By some crazy miracle we got a member with us at our lesson. We had spent hours looking for one, and then when we showed up to the church she was just there. It was so cool. We just talked about baptism for an hour and a half. And we finally figured out what his issue is. He has not been praying correctly, or sincerely enough. It was so sweet, he just looked at us and said "Maybe..maybe I need to pray better. Can you explain to me how to pray again?" It was sooo sweet. And then at the end of the lesson, we had the coolest moment. I just looked at him straight in the eyes and said "Y--, If you REALLY pray and REALLY feel that this is the right choice for you, will you be baptized into this church?" And he just looked at me and looked like he was going to cry, and then just nodded his head and whispered "Yes." It was one of the most powerful moments. And then we got him to pray at the end of the lesson.
It is moments like that, when I just feel so happy to be a missionary. It really is so hard. I have to physically, mentally, and emotionally push myself to my limits every single day. But to have moments like that, where I am in the back of a church in a little ville called Pau, kneeling in a circle, listening to the sweet prayer of a man discovering God in his life….there is literally nothing better than that.
So, we still don’t have a date set with him. But he is definitely getting baptized. We are going to work on the date. I just hope it is while I am here!
 I wish I could say so much more, but I have to go. I love you all so so much. I literally think of you every day. Your faith in me are what motivate me to keep going. And your prayers are what give me the strength to carry on. I love you!!
-Soeur Magleby

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