Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Have you ever heard me say the word MIRACLE before?

Salut ma belle famille!!

Wow. I never know where to begin with these things. I have been super excited to write home this week! Not even that anything huge happened, I have just been dying to talk to you!

For starters, we just went and did some shopping for P day (obviously my choice) so it has just been a good relaxing P day! It is honestly so hard not to just buy everything though..especially when I just feel like all the stores here are my style...man. Sometimes I really miss shopping and wearing normal clothes. Hehe BUT I bought a dog scarf. With dalmantions on it.  So what can I say, I am pretty content.

This week has been absolutely full of miracles. I cannot even begin to describe to you all of the crazy miracles I get to witness every day. And it literally is every day!  The craziest day this week was definitely Wednesday. I thought I might as well just describe the whole day to you and then you can get a little "day in the life of a missionary."

-Woke up at 6:30.

-Ran circles around Soeur D- (she doesn’t run and I am literally going crazy without it)

-Did our 4 hours of studies.

-Then headed off to a rendez-vous we had with this guy that we just weren't so sure about. And oh man were we right to be sketched out. I don’t remember if I ever told you, but he was the guy who walked into the church a few weeks ago and just told us he knew the BOM is true and wanted to start meeting with us. Well, and then Soeur D talked to him on the day I was on an exchange and learned that he is one of those people that pretty much believes in everything along with our church. And also that is wife is suuuper Evangelist and didn't want us to come over. But said we could anyway. Soo here we are. We walked into their house and I have never had anyone look like they just straight up wanted to kill me. Haha! That women is noooot happy. But he is just a super happy guy and so he was happy to see us. So we sat down, and they ended up feeding us lunch....that was also a super sketchy situation. I honestly couldn't even describe to you what they fed us if I tried to. So weird. And it was just the weirdest situation. We could barely get a lesson in because he just talked so much, and she kept talking about all the Evangelist things that she believes. I don't know how much you know about Evangelists...but the extreme ones are pretty extreme. But just imagine a really extreme one, and then also a lady who is not exactly all right in her head. It was just so weird. She was like praying literally every two minutes under her breath and doing some weird gift of tongues stuff they believe in and it was just super weird and brought not good feelings. So. Needless to say we just walked out of there not feeling very good. I felt physcially and spirtually just gross. Like I just needed to go shake off this weird feeling. I just knew we needed some really good contacts that day or something! So we headed home.

-We then had a tombez-vous with a member (appointment that fell threw) so we decided to go try and pass by a lady who we had gotten her address a few days earlier when we were contacting and she told us she wanted us to come by. So we went to go find her.

-Still feeling a little weird we just tried to contact as many people as we could and get the good happy spirit with us again. We were walking for a while and couldn't find the name of this rue that the lady had given us. And then all of a sudden Soeur D- just stopped and was like "I feel like we missed something. Like someone walked passed us that we were supposed to talk to." So I was just like alright, then let’s pray and figure out what to do! (You would probably honestly be baffled at how much we pray as missionaries haha)  So we prayed, and then sat for a second trying to figure out what to do. This lady walked past and we ALMOST didn’t talk to her because she was going inside her house, but then we just quickly walked up to her, said our thing, and she goes "Oh yeah! I have had the Elders over before! But it has been a while. If you want you can definitely come by sometime and we can talk!" Just in case you didn't know...that is a very rare contact. Haha it was SO cool! We have a rdv with her tomorrow we are excited for. It was just so cool because if we hadn't stopped on that EXACT rue we wouldn't have seen her.

-Next miracle of the night. We were porting. And it was almost time to go home. But we decided to do a few more houses. We rang the sonnery and sat there for a while and nothing happened. So I started to walk away but Soeur D rang it again. Am I ever so glad she did! It ended up being this lady named Ca--. Cutest lady in the world. I can’t even tell you how much I love this woman. She came out and talked to us, then let us in! We ended up staying for a while and had to run home so fast because we were so late, but it was the coolest experience! She honestly wasn't super interested in our message but I have a feeling one day she will be...but we were like instant friends with her. She is just like the most hilarious women ever. She is like 85. And she was just like "What can I feed you?? What can I do for you??" It was so cute and so funny. So she ended up feeding us an entire meal. It was so much fun. She just was talking up a storm and we had so much fun. Then we sang her a song, left her with the Spirit, and ran all the way home to our apartment.

So. There you go. Day in the life of a missionary! It was such a fun day. It was just so cool, because I know because we had that weird experience that morning that Heavenly Father blessed us with so many cool experiences!

Things like that happen every day. Yesterday was an amazing day too. Taught a whole lesson behind a bus stop. It is just so fun. This work is so much fun.

To answer some of mom's questions that I got in the letter..

Transportation: we have buses her in Pau. So we take buses a lot or mostly we just walk everywhere. Weather feels about like home! It has been pretty hot. But it is starting to cool down. I am so excited for fall! My feet are doing alright. My bunions have started to hurt pretty bad recently. But I am doing alright! It honestly is a miracle at how well I am actually doing. Your prayers are DEFINITELY working is all I can say. There are only 4 sisters here in Pau. We live with the other two sisters and they are such a blast. I love them so much! As for food; we usually cook our own food most the time. I am actually learning how to cook some things! Haha because the sisters I am with actually cook..I haven't done that for a long time. So I am trying to learn!! It really is crazy how many things I am learning. I am going to be such a better person when I get home it is crazy. I will still be me though, don't worry! I am definitely still me. Soeur D is such an opposite of me it is hilarious. It actually is super hard. She is great, but it is really hard. For example, I will just say things like "What the, how is that a thing?!" And she is all like "A thing...what do you mean a thing?" Haha it cracks me up. So yeah I am still more. Just like a billion times more Christ-like. But yeah so we mostly make our own things. A bunch of different things! Not all super French. But yeah I am pretty spoiled here. The food is great. The thing I do buy a lot is this super great sandwich from the boulangarie right next to our chapel. It is the best place in town. And right next to our chapel. So great.

Okay I have to go, but one last miracle for the week...I CAN UNDERSTAND FRENCH§

(second email:)
Sorry left you on a cliff hanger there. Haha!

But yeah..I can understand French!! It is amazing!!

Okay but before you get too excited, there is still so much I don't understand. I don’t catch everything. It is so hard. My brain is just super tired all of the time. BUT it was the coolest thing in church yesterday. It is ridiculous compared to my first day at church. I understood everything that was going on. I even took notes! The first week that I was able to do that! And it was cool because we had a rdv with a lady in our ward that we had a rdv with the first day I was here..and I honestly didn’t understand everything. But we just had a rdv Saturday, and I understood everything!! It is the coolest thing in the world. So yeah I am still struggling. It is so hard. BUT Heavenly Father is on my side. I'm getting there. It is so so fun to be on this journey.

I love you all so so much. Thank you for all your support. You have no idea what it means.

Don't ever forget how lucky we are to have the Gospel in our lives. I am reminded every single day of how lucky and truly blessed I am to have been born into this Gospel. So many people are so lost in the world. We are so blessed to have this knowledge we do. Don't ever take that for granted.

I love you all so so much!

à bientôt!

-Soeur Mag (that is my official name now, Magleby is too hard for the French haha)


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