Monday, September 23, 2013

Pau pour six semaine plus!

New haircut
Okay..another amazing member moment this week. This was the best meal I have had this far.
I thought you would appreciate this mom. It is vegtables and fish.
Probably does not look amazing, but I wanted to die I was so in heaven.
Also their apartment was AMAZING and we talked about Picasso, theatre, and Jane Eyre.
Sooo yeah.

My district! Which is now changed, but they were so great!!

We went to Bayonne this week for Distrct Meeting, it was so beautiful!!

Bonjour all my wonderful loved ones!
What a week. It has been a little bit crazy. Also kind of a crazy P day. Hasn't been the best. I decided to get my hair cut and dyed this morning and just ended up not being a super great experience..but ça va! My hair is fine. It is just nothing at all like I ever wanted my hair to be. Soo good thing I just don't even care what I look like these days. Haha!
So the biggest news is, I am staying in Pau for another six weeks! When we got the call I honestly was a bit upset..obviously not like super upset because c'est m'est égale but I was secretly hoping to start fresh with a new ville. BUT now that we found out we are staying many amazing things have happened! So many miracles that have showed me why we need to stay. More on that later.
The coolest thing though is that even though I am staying, there are still changes happening! The other two soeurs who I was living with (before this transfer it was only us 4 soeurs in Pau, no Elders or anyone else at all), they both left to different villes. And we are getting FOUR Elders who are coming to Pau!! I am so excited. The Elders have not been here forever so I think the ward is going to love it too. So since there are four Elders and now only us two sisters, the Elders are taking over our apartment and we are moving to a new one sometime this week. So even though I am staying there is still moving involved. Didn't get out of that one. But I am so excited! The Elders will be so much fun.
Well, quickly I will talk about the kind of really hard part of my week, because I don't ever want you guys NOT to be uplifted by my emails. But I had a couple really hard days this week. Probably the hardest on my mission thus far. But honestly, they have been a turning point for me. But the day we got our calls for transfers (Friday) I am not even sure what happened, but I just broke down during equipe study. I am pretty positive I had been having a lot of emotions built up inside that probably needed letting out anyway, and then someone said something that made me feel really bad and then things just went downhill from there. But I am learning so much patience and charity, and I am going to be so much better because of it.
More than anything I just felt so alone. I just missed all of you so much. I just missed everyone who actually loves me or cares about me. It is so hard at times to feel like everyone just hates me. Not that I take it personally when people get mad at me or what not. But it just really makes me miss being around the people who actually love me. It is hard to be in a place where I feel like no one actually CARES about me, ya know?
Anyway, there is enough of my sob story. Done with the negative part! I just had to explain to you my feelings, but then it gets better because the story has a happy ending! As all endings do. I have never had to utilize The Atonement so much before in my entire life. And I feel like a completely different person because of it. In all sincerity, there is no way I would be here without it. There is no way I could make it through. I had a kind of hard night that night, but then I woke up in the morning just feeling like a different person. Completely different. It was one of those turning points for me. I really think I just needed that experience to remind myself what exactly it is that I am doing here. I am teaching people that they don't ever have to make it through hard times alone. And now that I have done that myself, it will make it so much more amazing to testify of it.
It was just a very sacred experience. And now I am just so excited for this transfer I have ahead of me! We are literally so swamped with missionary work it is crazy.
The soeurs who just left Pau gave us a few of their amis that they had, and one of this amis, his name is C-. And he just got engaged to baptism. I am so SO excited!! So I officially have an ami who is engaged to be baptized! Haha I hope that is exciting to you as it is to me. This is just one of the miracles that proved to me how important it is that I stayed here this transfer. His baptism is on the 28th..which is kind of stressing us out like crazy. But he is so ready. He lives with one of the members in the ward. And he is just so sweet. Soo yeah, if things go as they are supposed to, I will be having my first baptism in a couple weeks!! I am SO excited!!
Another miracle is how many inactives showed up at church was crazy. This sweet lady that we have been trying to get a hold of FOREVER. We have left her cookies and tried to call her like crazy. And she walked into Sacrament Meeting yesterday!! I almost cried I was so happy. And then also, Y- is another huge reason I am so excited to be here. We are going to baptize that man before we leave Pau. We are just so set on it. Haha he drives me crazy, but wow am I so excited to see that man with the Priesthood someday. He is going to do so much good.
So yeah, just a few reasons I am so stoked for this transfer!! So many AMAZING things are happening!! Being a missionary is just so crazy. One minute I want to give up and the next I am just crying because I am just SO happy. It really is so much fun. And all the amazing things make all the hard things worth it.
Another cool thing I want to talk about is this family in the ward. Oh. my. goodness.
I know more than anything that I was supposed to be here at this time to meet this family. Heavenly Father is so hilarious. He showed me this family is all like "Hey here is your perfect dream family! Look at what you can achieve in life!"
They are a member family in our ward, but they were gone all summer and just came home. We went to their house last night for dinner and I just wanted to die of happiness. Just a few things about them and then you will understand what I mean..
They are American, from New York City. They live just outside of New York but the dad works in New York City, and he works for Sony. He is a music producer. They have been here for two years and just decided to come to France because the mom knows French, and they wanted their kids to learn French. And they just love it here. They all have the coolest style..the dad is totally a hipster. And they have four kids who are just the sweetest ever.
Soo yeah. Literally my dream family I want to be someday. Their house was SO beautiful. And then he played and sung us a song on the piano and it was so good. I just can't even describe how much of a blessing this family is to me. I know I was supposed to meet them. I talked to the mom for so long last night, and it was just exactly what I needed. They are just so amazing and I am so grateful for them. I will never forget them. Also, she said to me last night "Don't forget our names because when you are home you can come stay with us in New York!" Sooo yeah. Once again, I was MEANT to meet this family. Haha. So that was definitely the highlight of my week.
Sorry if this letter wasn't the best this all tell me you love my emails then it makes me feel so pressured that they aren't going to be good! Hehe. Don't worry about me. It is hard, but it is amazing. It is all worth it. And I know I will look back on this time in my life with so much love.
I love you all more than you know. Keep on keeping on. Life isn't easy. But with our Savior, we can find happiness in all the difficult times. Please don't ever forget that. It is the message I try to share with everyone every single day. And if anyone listens to me, I hope it's you! Hehe. I love you all so so much. I think of you always.
Bon semaine!
Soeur Mag

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