Monday, September 30, 2013

Vous pouvez faire tous avec le Seigneur!

Took this picture in our apartment today. I thought you all would enjoy a before and after! Haha

Elder Carré playing the piano in the gare in Bordeaux... I wish I could send you the video. He is literally the best piano player I have EVER heard. He is so amazing. I know it is not like a super amazing picture without the sound..but yeah, just to show you one of the highlights of my week!

Just the regular life of a French missionary, taking our lunch break in Carrefour
and enjoying an Orangina. Life is sooooo hard. Hehe.
 Okay, it totally is. But it so so worth it.
Hello everyone!  This is going to be a shorter letter this week because for some reason they decided to put a timer on all their computers here. So that is no fun. But that is fine because I don't really have a ton to say about this week.  It has been really great though! WE FINALLY HAVE OUR APARTMENT PUT TOGETHER!! It feels sooooo nice to have a nice place to go home to at night. And then we finished our cleaning this morning. So we finally have a nice clean apartment! It definitely makes everything a lot easier. It has been a long process. We did not get everything together until Saturday. But now it is done! And I am so happy! The Elders literally saved us. I will forever be grateful for them. Our Elders we have here in Pau are really amazing. I am so grateful for them. We have so much fun together!
Honestly we are just so over our heads busy right now. But it is so much fun!! We have so many people to teach it just feels like we are running around all the time. It is incredible. Whenever we contact someone and get their number we have just been giving them to the elders because we literally have no time to teach! We have five amis right now. It is so much fun. I love them all so much. We have seen some really cool things with all of them this week!
I am grateful for the past two weeks and the hardships I went through, because now that I went through that really hard time it feels like God is just pouring out blessings upon us. We had an amazing miracle filled day this past Saturday. It was so cool, and really made me realized how much He really is aware of us. He gives us trials for our learning and growth. But He will ALWAYS reward us, as long as we endure it well. Saturday we had a cool experience, where we had a tombez-vous that night so we decided to go visit an inactive member we have been wanting to see. And as we were walking there Soeur DeWeese was trying to get me to stop and do some porting...but I just felt so strongly that we should go and visit this lady. So I wouldn't let her stop and I was just like "there is no way we are not going to see her tonight!" So we went and rang her sonnery and she was so confused at why someone would be visiting her at 8 o clock on a Saturday night. But she let us in gladly and we were there for an hour, and it was such a cool experience. She was by herself that night when usually she has her family there. And we just had the Spirit there SO strongly with us. She is just this amazing, loud, so faithful african lady. So yeah, she is a blast. And has so much faith it is fantastic. She just kept saying how grateful she was that we visited her. It was a simple experience but it was really one of the first times on my mission where I have really felt the Spirit guiding me so directly. It is a really cool thing.
Last night we had a really cool experience with Y--. We had such an amazing lesson. We have just been pushing him like crazy to set a baptism date..but he just really doesn't like dates. And he feels like he still needs to "organize" his life he keeps saying, and talk to his family about it before he completely commits. It is actually really cool, because the way he talks about it, he really just understands how important baptism is. Last night he just talked and talked to us about everything he feels, really. And it was so perfect. He still doesn't have a date, but we feel so good about everything right now. He literally PROMISED us last night that he is going to get baptized. He just said he needs a little bit more time. But that there is no doubt in his mind that he is going to do it. And when he said those words, I just had this amazing Spirit come over me and confirm to me that what he was saying is right. And we talked about it after and Soeur DeWeese felt it too. It was really cool. I just had a HUGE spiritual confirmation last night that that God has an amazing plan for Y--. And that it is going to happen. I just love that man so much. He even talked about last night how in about 10 years we will have to come visit him. He was like "It will be so fun because you will probably have kids and I can see your family!" And then he even brought up that we will have to meet up with him at a temple in Africa (where he is from). Haha it was so cute because Soeur DeWeese and I had been talking about just recently how excited we are to see where he is at in 10 years and how we want to visit him. Also we decided he is totally going to be the bishop. It is going to be so great!
Life is so good. I am so happy. I am seriously just having so much fun! That is the greatest thing I have felt lately. This is just such an amazing time. I am having a blast, and I am learning so much.
Once again, thank you all so much for everything. Monday's are such a relief for me to be able to hear from the outside world and hear all the amazing things that are happening at home! I am doing fantastic. Just know that I am working as hard as I can to make you proud. This Gospel is literally the greatest thing. I am so beyond grateful to have this knowledge that we do of the restored Gospel.
I love you all so much!!
Soeur Mag

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