Sunday, August 30, 2015


He brought his ADORABLE daughter. She was super touched as well. It was so cool!

Gabriel!!! I guess we were laughing at something...haha. And our wonderful bishop who baptized him.

Happy Thanksgiving!! We had a great fest together as a district. It was so fun. Hope you all had a wonderful day!

Sooo we got to go on exchange in Nice this week!! And we ran by the water in the morning :) Not the best picture...But,it was a great moment. 

Hello my darling loved ones.
Well. I am not even sure what to say this week. I am feeling so many emotions I couldn't even possibly describe them all. I honestly can't get it in my head to understand that this is going to be my last letter to you. We had a really beautiful week. Gabriel's baptism was SO wonderful. He really is so great. We asked him if he could share a testimony at the end and he got up and talked for 20 minutes...which was kind of stressful because we told him just to take a couple minutes..haha. But it was so sweet. He really is just so grateful he was able to meet us and be able to finally find the truth! He has such a strong testimony. I can really just see that the Lord has so many amazing things in store for him, and I just can't wait to see where he goes from here! I just feel so extremely blessed to have been able to have been involved in such a beautiful story. We prayed and worked so hard to have a baptism and I am just amazed that we truly got to see this beautiful miracle unfold. I will send pictures :)

I decided I wanted to do something different with this letter today. It is kind of a special one...obviously. So instead of just telling you everything that happened with my week (which I will be able to tell you soon)
I wanted to tell you a story. I am hoping this won't get too dramatic...but no promises. It probably will. Haha.

A famous question on the mission is to ask "So why did you decide to serve a mission?" I have been asked this question soo many different times. And every single time, I am kind of amazed by my answer.
Because when I try to answer this question, I realize something. I realize that it wasn't ME that decided to go on a mission. But when I tell people why I am here, I realize more and more just how much Heavenly Father literally lead me to this point in my life.
I remember when I was about 16. It first happened in Sacrament Meeting. And I just weirdly started thinking about what it would be like to serve a mission.It was something I had NEVER even considered before. So I was confused why the idea even came into my head.
But then it kept happening. I just kept pondering on what it would be like if I served a mission. And then weirdly. I started to actually LIKE the idea. And I started considering on how cool and amazing of an experience that would be for me. But I knew that it might not be perfect timing when I was 21. So I told myself I would see what happens when I got to that age :)
And then came the beautiful General Conference that I will never forgot. Oh how eternally grateful I will be for this day. It really changed everything.
Here I am, only 20 years old, and I have already served a full time mission! It is truly incredible.
So I did lots of praying. And I just KNEW it was right. I knew I needed to go.
Sooo without my parents knowing I started to work on putting in my papers ;) hehe. That was the best part. And even though lots of my family couldn't even really stand the thought of my leaving for a year and a half...I told them it was what I needed to do. So I didn't slow down, and I decided I wanted to leave as soon as I could.
And then on February 27, 2013. I recieved my call. To the one place I had ALWAYS dreamed of.
WHAT. Oh wait, and also to the same place as someone very significant in my life :)
I couldn't believe it.
I love thinking of this story. Because literally...I had no idea what was in store for me.
It changed everything.
I love thinking about the beginning of my mission. And how lost I was. And how much I didn't know but THOUGHT I knew. There were many hard times. But they helped me to grow more than I ever thought I could.
I started my mission not knowing what was in store, but knowing that I would having a lot of hard, and also a lot of beautiful experiences.

But oh my goodness I had NO idea.
I had no idea how much I would fall in love with my mission.
I had no idea how much I would absolutely fall in love with the French people.
I had no idea how absolutely amazing and wonderful my mission president would be, and how much I would learn from him.
I had no idea I would have so many trials.
I had no Idea I would be this tired, worn out, sick, and exhausted.
I had no idea how many people Heavenly Father was going to let me be apart of their eternities.

But most of all...I had no idea how close I was going to grow to my Savior.
Or how much I was going to literally fall in love with the Book of Mormon.
Or how many sacred experiences I would have that have literally changed my eternity.

I had no idea.

I will never in words be able to truly thank my Heavenly Father for this amazing opportunity He has given me. I have absolutely NO idea what I did to deserve it. I feel so blessed beyond belief.
I got to wake up everyday and wear the name of my Savior. And even though sometimes that brought a lot of ridicule and persucation..I will forever be grateful.
That I got to be a representative of Jesus Christ.
And I got to come to know, that He lives.
He truly,truly lives.
I know it with everything in me.
Jesus Christ is our Savior. Our loving Heavenly Father sent Him here to die for us.
And because of Him...everything will work it.
Everything. No sadness, or pain,will ever last too long. Because He is there.

I love my Savior with everything in me. I just can't wait to spend my entire life serving Him.
And I am so, so grateful for my mission. More than I will ever be able to put into words.

I love you all. I couldn't have done it without you, truly. You mean everything to me.
I will see you all very soon.
I love you more than you know.

Soeur Magleby.


Yeah...couldn't really think of another caption for this email :) haha.
Hello my darling family. I hope you all had a wonderful week! I sure did...As always.
Literally...yesterday at church...okay let's just say that recently I seem to have lots of  tears form in my eyes and I can't even control it. It's the strangest thing. I try really hard..but no matter how I try to trick myself I think my emotions are a little overwhelmed. I have LITERALLY never felt so many emotions at once in my entire life. point was I feel like recently everyone is just being way to loving. Just sitting at church yesterday I was super overwhelmed by how much I really loved with all my heart people that were sitting in that room. And I felt like random people just kept coming up to me and being way to nice...seriously, it breaks my heart. Because I just love them so much. I just feel way to blessed with my life at the moment.
Coolest miracle of all this week..A wonderful man named Gabriel :) I don't think I have told you about him yet...If I have, sorry for the repeat.
But as you know, Soeur Bragg and I have been working like crazy to have a baptism this transfer. We told ourselves that there is no one we were letting ourselves leave our missions without having at least one baptism....and this week was the week where it all came together :) We have honestly been working just so hard and kind of getting frustrated..or, I guess, trying really hard not to let ourselves get frustrated, because we haven't been seeing lots of success. But just when our faith gets pushed to the limit...our loving Heavenly Father is always right there to bless us with amazing miracles that we don't even deserve.
So, Gabriel. About 4 weeks ago, on a Sunday, we were out contacting. We just had about 30 minutes and we had prayed to find another lesson with someone on the street. So we contacted a bunch of people in a row that told us rather rude no's. Haha. And then we just hear someone yell "QU-EST CE QUE VOUS PRÊCHEZ?" (What are you preaching?) And we hesitated to go talk to him because we thought he might be crazy....haha. But we went over and started talking to him. And he ended up being super sincere, and told us that he had just come from a church but that he didn't like it and was searching for a church and wondered if we could help because he saw our plaques and saw that they said Jesus. Sooo of course we taught him and prayed with him right there :) from the very first moment we just loved him, because he so cool! I will send you a picture next week...but there really is no way to describe it. But he is a super tall awesome African man who only wears designer suits and sunglasses...haha. He is so cool. So then we got a call from him a few days later. And he simply tell us "Hey I looked up the website of your church..and OF COURSE this is all true. Of course Joseph Smith had that vision and restored the church!! It's all true!!" Haha Soeur Bragg was just DYING on the phone so of course I was looking at her just dying to hear what he was saying...seriously, such a miracle. Honestly..I can't even believe it. So of course from that moment on we have been SO excited to teach him. But there was a lot of scheduling conflicts, and we weren't able to see him for a couple weeks. And he lost his phone and all this we kind of felt like maybe things weren't going to work out even if he was such a miracle. BUT. We were still trying to keep our faith.
And then last week. He came to church. And we started to meet with him. And literally his first question was "So how is it that I become a member?" And honestly everything from that point on...has been just like that. He is going to be baptized this upcoming Sunday. We set his date for the 6th but he called us and told us he knows it is true so he wants to be baptized sooner...literally, he is incredible. I don't know if I am even explaining this well. En bref, he is going to be our miracle baptism of the transfer. He is amazing. is impossible to teach him. We try to teach him and he just bears testimony throughout the whole lesson about the principle we are teaching. Haha. Today I said to Soeur Bragg "Getting taught by Gabriel is pretty great."
God is a God of miracles.
Also...We are having working like crazy with our zone leaders to help our zone teaching 20 lessons and to be more united. And this week we had 7 equipes teach 20 lessons...literally, more miracles than I can even comprehend. I just love my life more than words can say.
How grateful I am for my mission. I am forever changed. And I thank my Heavenly Father everyday.
I love you all. I will see you soon. Thanks for all your prayers!!
Soeur Magleby :)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Too much love.

S-- officially left for Spain this week!! It was pretty sad...but, she is so excited to get baptized over there, I am not too worried :)
This is a really awkard angle...but the best we could do. Had a fun little lunch with some of our sisters in Lyon this week :) Gotta love baguette sandwiches. 

#wheninFrance.... have to go to KFC. Haha.
MASTERTACOS PARTY. Okay this picture is terrible, but it shows how much fun we all have together. Haha.

Salut! :)

I hope you all had an amazing week! I did, that is for sure. This week was kind of crazy. Okay, a lot of crazy. Like I have already said, the first week of the transfer around here is kind of crazy with us housing all the missionaries coming in and out. This week went a lot smoother than last transfer though. It is kind of exhausting to have about 20 sisters in our apartment all the time...BUT I also absolutely love it. My favorite part is getting to talk to all the blues (all the new missionaries that come in.) They are so dang adorable. Honestly, it kind of made me emotional this time around. I was just thinking about how much I love my mission, and how it just feels like it was JUST barely that I was as lost as they are. They seriously have so much energy though, it is so inspiring. They just all come here so ready to serve the Lord with all their heart. It really reminds me of when I had that much energy...and it really inspired me this week. So, sometimes it is hard running the missionary hotel, but other times I absolutely love it :)

But despite all the craziness, Soeur Bragg and I were able to teach 20 lessons again this week!! It took a whole lot of determination, but we were able to do it! We are going to try to teach 20 lessons a week this transfer. Which isn't too evident sometimes because with this being a 4 week transfer and having to do all of our exchanges...we are kind of all over the place. But it just makes us work harder :) aka....I am literally going to come home on a stretcher. Haha.

Soeur Bragg and I have just been trying our hardest though to REALLY have a baptism this transfer. We are determined to end our mission with a huge miracle! And for so long we just felt so much opposition. And there is still tons of opposition going on...but this week we really saw some huge miracles. We now have 3 amis for the 6th of December! And this Saturday there was a baptism in one of the other wards in Lyon...and 2 of our amis came!! One of them was just there when we showed up, it was SUCH a miracle. And then we had 3 amis come to church yesterday :) Kind of a big deal because we have had like no amis come to church or the last has been really frustrating. Yesterday we were just beaming it felt so good to have people there at church!
One of the guys we are teaching, we found him through a really funny miracle. About two weeks ago we had a list of addresses of old amis that we were trying to pass. So we find this apartment building, walk in, and immediately hear a bunch of africans talking extremely loud and having a party. We start to walk up the stairs and realize that the sound was coming from the exact apartment we were looking for...haha. We felt really intimidated by the amount of african men we knew we in there...but MANGOS (I'll explain later) we knocked on the door. Ended up being a huge miracle because the old ami was interested to meet with us again and also EVERY PERSON IN THE APARTMENT. Okay, a couple of them were kind of fighting with us about the bible, but they all one at a time just started asking us questions. It was so funny. So then we went back to teach them and one of the guys was really super interested. So, we started meeting with him individually this week and he now has a baptism date! So, that was a fun time.

Pretty much...I don't really even know how to feel right now because I have 1,000 and a half emotions going through my head at every second. Haha.  I just honestly can't believe this is all coming to an end.

I love my mission more than I can put into words. And I am pretty sure I say that every single week. But it is true! It is honestly breaking my heart to think about leaving these people. I love them so much. The members. The missionaries. The French people. Gosh, it really is just way too much love.
I just don't know how in the world I got so blessed. I thank my Heavenly Father every single day for this absolutely beautiful blessing He gave me. But, I still have 3 more weeks, so I am going to keep serving Him will all that I have :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week, I love you all so much and I'll see you way too soon!
Soeur Magleby

Friday, November 14, 2014

A week in photos

Hello my darling family! is the biggest news of my week. SOEUR BRAGG AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER!! We literally get to finish our missions together. Started and finished together. So crazy!! I really can't even believe it is happening. And we get to die together in Lyon! The best place ever. Gosh, I don't understand how I got so blessed. I love my entire mission so much, every single place I have served in. I wouldn't change it for the world! And being able to stay in Lyon for 3 transfers has been a has been so fun. I absolutely love it.
So, I am happy :)

Honestly I can't even really remember what happened this week...haha. One of those weeks. So, I decided I would just try to send you some photos to make up for all the ones I have missed out on the past few weeks, and try to explain my week.

After Soeur Bragg and I got our transfer calls :) We obviously had to celebrate with my favorite pastry...haha. I literally can't believe it. We are going to do our best just to work like crazy these next 4 weeks!

Probably the most fun part of my week...we went on an exchange to this ville called Besançon! It was LITERALLY freezing...but, it was so so beautiful! We had a lot of fun.

Yeah...sometimes missions just feel like one big party. Haha. I really love every minute of this life! Even though sometimes I don't think I can go on...because I have never been so tired in my life. But I just walk through the streets of Lyon everyday and try to soak it all in. Because I know that before I know it I won't get this life anymore. And I am just so, SO grateful for this opportunity I have to serve my Savior. This experience has changed my life in every way. And also, I have literally never had more fun or laughed so hard...

Sonia!! We love going out to dinner...haha. Sadly she is going to be moving to Spain this week :( it is kind of breaking my heart. BUT. We had the coolest moment with her this week...oh, I guess the next picture would probably go better with this.

Sonia has been working like crazy so she finally had ONE day she wasn't working...and she asked if she could come teach with us. And it was the COOLEST thing ever. Her testimony is so beautiful. We introduced her to another one of my favorite people in the whole world, Jamila :) I love these two people so much I can't even tell you. It was just the coolest thing to be able to hear her testify to sweet Jamilaabout how the Gospel is what she has been looking for her entire life. And now she knows that she is not alone. And she has comfort and peace in her life. Literally...HER testimony built mine.
The Gospel is incredible!!

Well, that is about it for this week.
We are just going like crazy and working as hard as we possibly can. I really hope I can do everything I can to serve my Savior in this little precious time I have left.
I love you all so so much!
I will see you soon!
Soeur Magleby


At our family history activity

Hello my dear family!
I know I say all the time "this might be a shorter email..." but I am kind of serious this time. Haha.
The problem is..I just experience so many AMAZING things and it is impossible to try and put them into words. But today was a week that literally changed my life. I know that probably sounds super dramatic. But, it's true! I had so many beautiful experiences this week.

We got to here from Elder and Sister Kearon (of the 70s). They came to visit us for a special conference. And then I was super blessed and all the leaders of the mission got to go to a another meeting in Geneva the day after. It was just so incredible. I really am obsessed witht he Kearon's. They are so cool. They taught us SO much.

Also, President talked to us during the conference. He seriously just changed my whole perspective on the mission. He really just emphasized how everything we are doing is for our families. Present and future. And that is something that I have obviously known the entire time...but he just talked about it to us in a way that I have never realized before. He just kept telling us that "Today could be the day that changes our future generations!" And I just really left that conference deciding that I wanted to be that person. I wanted to be the kind of person that is going to bless the generations that follow me. Kind of werid to think about at the moment. But is what pushes me. Everyday. And I just want to use it to push me even more. That is why I am just forever grateful for you all and I tell you all every week. I am so grateful for you because your love for me is something that pushes me to work harder every single day. Because I have been able to see how much Heavenly Father has been blessing us all during this time I have been away. And it is so beautiful to see!
I don't even know if this is making any sense.

Honestly...all I can say to you this week is just how dang happy I am. I literally couldn't be any happier. I feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to be a part of this sacred experience with Elder Kearon. I have had so many moments like this on my mission that have changed me. And they have changed my future. And I just walked away from these two conferences thanking Heavenly Father over and over again for this absolutely beautiful experience I have been able to have.

I love my mission more than I can even put into words. I love my mission president. I love this country. I love these people. I love all of these amazing missionaries I get to serve with.
I will forever be changed by my mission. And I am forever grateful. I love the Savior with all of my heart. And I am just so excited for my future where I get to continue showing Him how much I love him!

Two highlights from this week:
We got a really awesome new ami named Gabriel. He contacted us on the street. He said he saw Jesus on our badges and wanted to know what we were talking to people about. We had a really good conversation with him, and then a few days later we called him. And he said he had looked up the website, and he was ike "Of course this church is true!!" haha. It truly is a huge miracle. He was like "It just makes SENSE that God would call someone like Joseph Smith to be a prophet. This has to be Christ's church!" And then we had our first lesson with him and pretty much he was just testifying to us the entire was so awesome. And then we fixed a baptismal date for the end of November. Soo he is awesome. I will keep you updated!

Also, Saturday we had our genealogy activity! We set up this huge activity in our insitute and then all of us Lyon missionaries go out and contact people and invite them to come in and do their family history. It was SO cool. Almost all of the missionaries had miracle lessons. Gosh. The family just touches EVERYONE'S hearts. Family history is the best. I wish I would have appreciated it more...but now I will!
Sorry again for the short email.
Just know I love you all.
I will see you all soon.
Church is true. Christ is the Savior. Don't forget it.
Soeur Magleby


You know what the best thing ever is? How many weakness we have, and how imperfect we are, but despite all much Heavenly Father is willing to shower His blessings upon us. I am really so astounded everyday by how much I am given and how much I don't feel like I did absolutely anything to deserve it..this week was INCREDIBLE. My biggest thing to testify of this week is that even when we don't think we can physical go on..we can. The strengthening power of the Atonement is something that blows my mind everyday. It is so, so real.

We did it this week! We hit our goal of 20 lessons. And it is actually insane that we were able to do it. We also amazingly were able to help two of our sisters to get 20 lessons as well because we went out to their ville and worked with was so fun. I saw so many awesome miracles this week.
Two of the biggest miracle days were the day of this exchange and last night, when we finished teaching our 20 lessons :) I got to go on my exchange with an adorable blue (on her first transfer), Soeur Jacobsen. She is so cool. And..this is one of the days that I was just amazed I was able to get through.

Let me just take a second to testify about fasting. is the best thing ever. Haha. I laugh at myself that I ever thought once a month was hard. Because as a missionary..we fast all the time. And we have been fasting for tons of things lately. (By the time this week is over I will have fasted 5 times in 2 weeks...haha) And probably my "before" self would have complained a lot. Okay...I still complain. Working on that. But it is AMAZING how blessed I am. We fasted this day with our sisters for one of their amis. So we woke up at 5 in the morning, took a 3 hour train ride, and then went and worked like crazy all day and didn't eat until late that night....and beforehand I thought I was literally going to die. But I didn't. Not even close. We were able to find some really awesome lessons and some cool new amis. And I had soooo much energy I can't even tell you. I was able just to be happy and work hard all day long. And I wasn't even that hungry! Haha. Lying in bed that night I was just amazed at how hard I was able to work. It was incredible. I feel so incredibly strengthened, everyday.

And then last night was so fun. We had to teach 6 lessons to reach our goal. And we had about 5 rdvs fixed, but we kind of knew not all of them would work we had our 3 fixed ones that worked out really well, and then it was 6 o clock. And we had 3 more to teach. And we knew they all had to be miracles. So we prayed LIKE CRAZY and put our trust in the Lord, and we went for it! Our whole zone was also praying for us, so that was super awesome. I felt so much support.And obviously like I said earlier, we were able to do it! It was incredible. We talked to a couple people that I could tell really really need to talk to someone. We had a lady just start crying and told us how alone she feels and how much she just feels like she has something missing from her life. It was such a tender experience. This week was really just full of working as hard as we could, fasting and praying like crazy...And that seemed to a perfect equation.

Sorry, I don't have much more to say this week.....I don't have many of these left though. Trying to not to think about it. Just hold on a little longer and then I will be able to tell you all these stories in person :) Haha. I love you all!

IT'S TRUE. So let's do our best do choose to follow our Savior everyday.
Love you!
Soeur Magleby

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Since I don't have Instagram....  here are the pictures I would have instagrammed this week :) haha.

Fall in Lyon! It is so beautiful. This picture doesn't do it justice.
I love my comp :)

Long story I will tell you later...but we had to go to a police station and be questionned. Yup, I am a rebel. Hahaha
WE ARE OBSESSED. This is how Soeur Bragg and I are surviving. Coconut water!

Sorry my subject line has nothing to do with anything...except for the fact that Lyon has PERFECT fall weather right now. I am kind of obsessed with it. It just helps me to be even happier everyday, so that's good :)

This week was really great. I learned a lot, honestly. This transfer has been really interesting for me. You could probably tell last transfer I was just really happy all the time and we had tons of success. Not to say it was "easy" because it never really is...but this transfer has just been one of the hardest ones I have had. Mostly just in the fact that the work here has been really hard. We are just facing lots of opposition...just amis dropping us, no one answering the phone, everyone being too busy, us trying our best to teach 20 lessons a week and almost killing ourselves to get it...I am obviously still insanely happy, but it has just been especially hard lately. I just really want to be a good example for all of our sisters, but it gets really frustrating with peoples' free agency. Haha. But I really feel like I have been learning soo much these past few weeks. Even though it has been a little hard...I am so so grateful, because even in this past week I have learned so much. I really honestly feel like Heavenly Father is just trying to get me to learn as much as I possibly can before I get home..and I am really grateful for that. So I really have nothing to complain about, because I was able to learn a lot this past week through the opposition we faced. Also yesterday we fasted and got some really great blessings from our Zone Leaders, so I feel a million times better today :)

As for this week...there were some really awesome highlights. Especially with Michal and Barbara. They are both doing soooo great!! Michal got the Priesthood this week! And our amazing bishop gave him the blessing, so the spirit was sooo strong. That was such a cool moment to be involved with. And then..he passed the sacrament yesterday!! And the day before he had gone shopping to buy a suit :) So there he was, passing the sacrament in his classy suit. I felt stupid because I just couldn't stop smiling. I just feel so blessed to be able to see people change their lives in this way. It truly is incredible. And B-- has literally just become my best friend...I love her so much. And she has started going to institute three times a week studying the Doctrine and Covenants, it is so great for her. She is definitely learning a lot. Haha. And then the most excited that BOTH of them are going to the temple this weekend!! And they are both taking TWO names with them to be baptized for their ancestors!! Gosh. I am way too excited for them. It literally is the best feeling in the world. I just think about how much I love the temple...and to think that these people that I got blessed to teach are going to be able to feel these SAME feelings. Gosh. I am so excited for them.
So, that has been the most exciting part of my week :)

Also, So-- finally came back in the picture! (The Spanish one) The story with her is kind of long...but to make it short, she went to Spain for a week and during that week having no contact with us was really hard for she said she didn't even pray for a week. So she kind of faltered a bit. I honestly was really worried for her. So we had a good lesson with her the week before last, and she committed to reading again and praying more, because she really realized for herself how much she needs the church. She said she feels so sad without it. Well, duh. Haha. Anyways, we got to see her this week and she is her normal wonderful self again :) She is adorable. The only problem is she is working like craaaazy right now, so that has been hard because we barely have time to see her. All she has to do is stop smoking and then she can be baptized. But also..she is moving to Spain in November. So she might not be able to baptized here. But, no matter what, she will definitely be baptized.

And for the last major thing I learned this week..we got to have interviews with President. ...over the phone interviews. Haha. Because Elder Kearon is coming for our Zone Conference, he had to do interviews over the phone. I at first thought it would be super weird, but it ended up being SO great. I just felt like I was talking on the phone with my best friend. I love him so much.  I really prepared and asked him questions that of course I got beautiful answers to. It would take too long to tell you EVERYTHING I in summary, one of the things I learned from him.
I asked him about doubts. How sometimes I feel like I have way too many doubts, and how I can help to push those out. They aren't ever huge doubts, just regular ones because you know...we are human. And he taught me a lot. But I  LOVED something he said. He said that there is one thing we need to root our testimony in, that we can never deny. And that is the fruits of the Gospel. We KNOW that living the Gospel makes us happy. And we can see the fruits of it. And no matter how hard anyone tries, that is something we will never be able to deny.

And it is true! I know that with all my heart.
I know that when we live these principles...we are happy.
And that is what it is all about.  Mosiah 2:41. Still glad it is my mission scripture.

Let's all just remember how HAPPY we are and never let ourselves doubt again :)
I love you all!
thank you as always for your incredible love and support.
I will see you soon.
....way too soon.
Soeur Magleby