Friday, November 14, 2014


At our family history activity

Hello my dear family!
I know I say all the time "this might be a shorter email..." but I am kind of serious this time. Haha.
The problem is..I just experience so many AMAZING things and it is impossible to try and put them into words. But today was a week that literally changed my life. I know that probably sounds super dramatic. But, it's true! I had so many beautiful experiences this week.

We got to here from Elder and Sister Kearon (of the 70s). They came to visit us for a special conference. And then I was super blessed and all the leaders of the mission got to go to a another meeting in Geneva the day after. It was just so incredible. I really am obsessed witht he Kearon's. They are so cool. They taught us SO much.

Also, President talked to us during the conference. He seriously just changed my whole perspective on the mission. He really just emphasized how everything we are doing is for our families. Present and future. And that is something that I have obviously known the entire time...but he just talked about it to us in a way that I have never realized before. He just kept telling us that "Today could be the day that changes our future generations!" And I just really left that conference deciding that I wanted to be that person. I wanted to be the kind of person that is going to bless the generations that follow me. Kind of werid to think about at the moment. But is what pushes me. Everyday. And I just want to use it to push me even more. That is why I am just forever grateful for you all and I tell you all every week. I am so grateful for you because your love for me is something that pushes me to work harder every single day. Because I have been able to see how much Heavenly Father has been blessing us all during this time I have been away. And it is so beautiful to see!
I don't even know if this is making any sense.

Honestly...all I can say to you this week is just how dang happy I am. I literally couldn't be any happier. I feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to be a part of this sacred experience with Elder Kearon. I have had so many moments like this on my mission that have changed me. And they have changed my future. And I just walked away from these two conferences thanking Heavenly Father over and over again for this absolutely beautiful experience I have been able to have.

I love my mission more than I can even put into words. I love my mission president. I love this country. I love these people. I love all of these amazing missionaries I get to serve with.
I will forever be changed by my mission. And I am forever grateful. I love the Savior with all of my heart. And I am just so excited for my future where I get to continue showing Him how much I love him!

Two highlights from this week:
We got a really awesome new ami named Gabriel. He contacted us on the street. He said he saw Jesus on our badges and wanted to know what we were talking to people about. We had a really good conversation with him, and then a few days later we called him. And he said he had looked up the website, and he was ike "Of course this church is true!!" haha. It truly is a huge miracle. He was like "It just makes SENSE that God would call someone like Joseph Smith to be a prophet. This has to be Christ's church!" And then we had our first lesson with him and pretty much he was just testifying to us the entire was so awesome. And then we fixed a baptismal date for the end of November. Soo he is awesome. I will keep you updated!

Also, Saturday we had our genealogy activity! We set up this huge activity in our insitute and then all of us Lyon missionaries go out and contact people and invite them to come in and do their family history. It was SO cool. Almost all of the missionaries had miracle lessons. Gosh. The family just touches EVERYONE'S hearts. Family history is the best. I wish I would have appreciated it more...but now I will!
Sorry again for the short email.
Just know I love you all.
I will see you all soon.
Church is true. Christ is the Savior. Don't forget it.
Soeur Magleby

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