Friday, November 14, 2014


You know what the best thing ever is? How many weakness we have, and how imperfect we are, but despite all much Heavenly Father is willing to shower His blessings upon us. I am really so astounded everyday by how much I am given and how much I don't feel like I did absolutely anything to deserve it..this week was INCREDIBLE. My biggest thing to testify of this week is that even when we don't think we can physical go on..we can. The strengthening power of the Atonement is something that blows my mind everyday. It is so, so real.

We did it this week! We hit our goal of 20 lessons. And it is actually insane that we were able to do it. We also amazingly were able to help two of our sisters to get 20 lessons as well because we went out to their ville and worked with was so fun. I saw so many awesome miracles this week.
Two of the biggest miracle days were the day of this exchange and last night, when we finished teaching our 20 lessons :) I got to go on my exchange with an adorable blue (on her first transfer), Soeur Jacobsen. She is so cool. And..this is one of the days that I was just amazed I was able to get through.

Let me just take a second to testify about fasting. is the best thing ever. Haha. I laugh at myself that I ever thought once a month was hard. Because as a missionary..we fast all the time. And we have been fasting for tons of things lately. (By the time this week is over I will have fasted 5 times in 2 weeks...haha) And probably my "before" self would have complained a lot. Okay...I still complain. Working on that. But it is AMAZING how blessed I am. We fasted this day with our sisters for one of their amis. So we woke up at 5 in the morning, took a 3 hour train ride, and then went and worked like crazy all day and didn't eat until late that night....and beforehand I thought I was literally going to die. But I didn't. Not even close. We were able to find some really awesome lessons and some cool new amis. And I had soooo much energy I can't even tell you. I was able just to be happy and work hard all day long. And I wasn't even that hungry! Haha. Lying in bed that night I was just amazed at how hard I was able to work. It was incredible. I feel so incredibly strengthened, everyday.

And then last night was so fun. We had to teach 6 lessons to reach our goal. And we had about 5 rdvs fixed, but we kind of knew not all of them would work we had our 3 fixed ones that worked out really well, and then it was 6 o clock. And we had 3 more to teach. And we knew they all had to be miracles. So we prayed LIKE CRAZY and put our trust in the Lord, and we went for it! Our whole zone was also praying for us, so that was super awesome. I felt so much support.And obviously like I said earlier, we were able to do it! It was incredible. We talked to a couple people that I could tell really really need to talk to someone. We had a lady just start crying and told us how alone she feels and how much she just feels like she has something missing from her life. It was such a tender experience. This week was really just full of working as hard as we could, fasting and praying like crazy...And that seemed to a perfect equation.

Sorry, I don't have much more to say this week.....I don't have many of these left though. Trying to not to think about it. Just hold on a little longer and then I will be able to tell you all these stories in person :) Haha. I love you all!

IT'S TRUE. So let's do our best do choose to follow our Savior everyday.
Love you!
Soeur Magleby

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