Thursday, November 20, 2014

Too much love.

S-- officially left for Spain this week!! It was pretty sad...but, she is so excited to get baptized over there, I am not too worried :)
This is a really awkard angle...but the best we could do. Had a fun little lunch with some of our sisters in Lyon this week :) Gotta love baguette sandwiches. 

#wheninFrance.... have to go to KFC. Haha.
MASTERTACOS PARTY. Okay this picture is terrible, but it shows how much fun we all have together. Haha.

Salut! :)

I hope you all had an amazing week! I did, that is for sure. This week was kind of crazy. Okay, a lot of crazy. Like I have already said, the first week of the transfer around here is kind of crazy with us housing all the missionaries coming in and out. This week went a lot smoother than last transfer though. It is kind of exhausting to have about 20 sisters in our apartment all the time...BUT I also absolutely love it. My favorite part is getting to talk to all the blues (all the new missionaries that come in.) They are so dang adorable. Honestly, it kind of made me emotional this time around. I was just thinking about how much I love my mission, and how it just feels like it was JUST barely that I was as lost as they are. They seriously have so much energy though, it is so inspiring. They just all come here so ready to serve the Lord with all their heart. It really reminds me of when I had that much energy...and it really inspired me this week. So, sometimes it is hard running the missionary hotel, but other times I absolutely love it :)

But despite all the craziness, Soeur Bragg and I were able to teach 20 lessons again this week!! It took a whole lot of determination, but we were able to do it! We are going to try to teach 20 lessons a week this transfer. Which isn't too evident sometimes because with this being a 4 week transfer and having to do all of our exchanges...we are kind of all over the place. But it just makes us work harder :) aka....I am literally going to come home on a stretcher. Haha.

Soeur Bragg and I have just been trying our hardest though to REALLY have a baptism this transfer. We are determined to end our mission with a huge miracle! And for so long we just felt so much opposition. And there is still tons of opposition going on...but this week we really saw some huge miracles. We now have 3 amis for the 6th of December! And this Saturday there was a baptism in one of the other wards in Lyon...and 2 of our amis came!! One of them was just there when we showed up, it was SUCH a miracle. And then we had 3 amis come to church yesterday :) Kind of a big deal because we have had like no amis come to church or the last has been really frustrating. Yesterday we were just beaming it felt so good to have people there at church!
One of the guys we are teaching, we found him through a really funny miracle. About two weeks ago we had a list of addresses of old amis that we were trying to pass. So we find this apartment building, walk in, and immediately hear a bunch of africans talking extremely loud and having a party. We start to walk up the stairs and realize that the sound was coming from the exact apartment we were looking for...haha. We felt really intimidated by the amount of african men we knew we in there...but MANGOS (I'll explain later) we knocked on the door. Ended up being a huge miracle because the old ami was interested to meet with us again and also EVERY PERSON IN THE APARTMENT. Okay, a couple of them were kind of fighting with us about the bible, but they all one at a time just started asking us questions. It was so funny. So then we went back to teach them and one of the guys was really super interested. So, we started meeting with him individually this week and he now has a baptism date! So, that was a fun time.

Pretty much...I don't really even know how to feel right now because I have 1,000 and a half emotions going through my head at every second. Haha.  I just honestly can't believe this is all coming to an end.

I love my mission more than I can put into words. And I am pretty sure I say that every single week. But it is true! It is honestly breaking my heart to think about leaving these people. I love them so much. The members. The missionaries. The French people. Gosh, it really is just way too much love.
I just don't know how in the world I got so blessed. I thank my Heavenly Father every single day for this absolutely beautiful blessing He gave me. But, I still have 3 more weeks, so I am going to keep serving Him will all that I have :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week, I love you all so much and I'll see you way too soon!
Soeur Magleby

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