Monday, October 14, 2013


I think I may have already sent you a picture of them...but the greatest family in the world.
Their story is amazing!!  Remind me to tell you someday. Haha.
Sooo one of the highlights of my week is we went and got SUSHI!! It is a long story how we ended up there. But yeah. It was the sushi place I have been dying to go to every time I walked past. I was so stoked!! And I just HAD to show you this. This wasn't how all the sushi was, but look! It is sushi with a crepe around it! So French. It was so good too. I was just dying. So fantastic.

From this morning with the cute stuff the Elders brought us!
So in dad's email to me this week he said that I seem to have a little bit of a theme with all my letters. Which I am not sure if I do intentionally or not. Maybe it is just the writer in me. hehe. So I was just thinking about the theme for my week this week.

(next email)
I really don't know what button I push sometimes that makes it send. I am sorry. I will try to not let that happen again. It really seems to always happen when I leave you with a cliffhanger though. Haha!
So, my theme for this week: Definitely love. Love in all forms. Okay, really that could be the theme of all of our lives. But it really has been something I have been thinking a lot about this week.
Love came in good and bad forms this week. This week it has really hit me how much I really love these people I am serving. I cannot explain it to you in words if I tried. I care for these people so immensely. And not just for them as people. I care for their salvation! There is just nothing more that I want than to teach people about their Savior, and teach them about the kind of happiness they can receive if they just simply FOLLOW Him! I really am involved in the most amazing labor of love. I am so glad Heavenly Father has blessed me with this love for these people. It really is what drives me.
But sometimes loving the people so much is what makes this work SO hard.
A couple stories from this week to explain.
First off, C--. Oh my sweet C--. He has killed me this week. Killed me with love, really. He is just the sweetest 18 year old Spanish/British guy in the world. Haha I don't know if I ever told you, but he is from Spain, but has a British accent when he talks English because his mom was British. He just is so great. Anyway, I am going to have to spare the details because it is a very personal thing for him. But this week he no longer became our ami. He has such a huge testimony. He knows this church is true. His prayers are the most amazing I have ever heard! But, he has a problem that he would have to be able to overcome in order to be baptized, and he doesn't believe he can. It is a really hard trial for him. And he told us this week he is so grateful for all we have taught him and he is going to keep coming to church, but he doesn't believe he can be baptized because of his situation.
I was so sad after our rdv. I just feel so sad for him, because he has such a desire! But, I have so much faith he is going to be baptized someday. I don't doubt it. So we are going to just keep loving him as much as we can!
We are kind of having a hard time with every single one of our amis. They all kind of seem to have stopped progressing for various reasons. So this week we are really kicking things into gear. But that is definitely a reason why this week has been a little tricky. I just love all of these people so SO much, and it kills me when they don't progress. When they don't understand just HOW happy this gospel can make them!
I am keeping the faith though. I think miracles can happen in these last two weeks of the transfer. And I am so ready for it!
But also...loving people is what makes this work SO fantastic!!
On Friday night we have young adult activities, and Fridays there is just always a lot going on at the church so lots of people are always there. And my goodness, have I mentioned how much I love this ward? Haha. They are sooo fantastic. Friday night we just had SUCH a blast with the young adults. I really have become like best friends with some of them. They are people I definitely want to keep in touch with. I just went to bed Friday just like so happy! I am pretty sure I was singing and dancing around the apartment.  I do that quite often though. Haha. But I just love when we get to have member experiences because I just love them all so much!
And to top off my love week, this morning was soo fantastic. So, there was a lot of things that have been going on.... I wish I had time to explain it all, but it doesn't really matter. There are just a lot of hard things lately. But honestly, I am just happier than ever. So, we had a pretty hard night last night. But Elder Uluave who we are serving with in Pau, who is also our district leader, called us last night and really helped. He is such a fantastic Elder. We have become such good friends. But anyway, this morning he sent us a text and said "Hey don't leave your house yet we are coming to bring you something" And so we walk downstairs, and they were standing there with pain au chocolats and chocolate cereal for us. Haha! It was just so cute. They were like "We just wanted to bring you the things that help us when we are sad." It really made my whole day. It is so amazing to feel cared for sometimes.
So there are just a few different examples from my week of l'amour!
I wish I could just sit for hours and write to you about everything that is going on. There is so much I don't have time to tell you! But just know I am so happy. I am so full of love! For everyone around me! Sometimes that is also hard because I just love and miss you all so much. But, I am so grateful to have a family I love so much!
Also, update on the guy I talked about last week from the bus! Oh my goodness he is golden. We had a rdv with him and he is just sooo ready to hear the Gospel. He literally said this; before we had even begun the lesson "Like I just don't understand, shouldn't there be modern revelation in the world today? There should be like prophets!" Yeah. That's when you know it is going to be a good lesson. I hope we see him again this week because we haven't set a rdv yet. But I am so excited to teach him!
Also, everyone seems to be asking me about my French. Haha. I just really don't know what else to say other than...yeah I really can't speak French. But I am definitely trying! And honestly, I have seen a lot of miracles. I think my companion and I are at the same level now and she has been here 7 months. It definitely is still going to take a lot of time because I am sooo far away from being where I need to be. But it is not my huge struggle like it is for some people. I can have conversations and teach really easily. I just have so much vocab to learn.
But honestly, I am so grateful I don't have to do this work alone. I have my Savior by my side. I have my amazing family cheering me on. I am just so happy. It is so hard. But it so unbelievably worth it.
I love you all so so much. I hope you are all doing well. And most of all, I just hope you are happy. That is all that matters.
I love you all!
Soeur Magleby

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