Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Don't ask me what I am doing with my face...but me and little baby Charlie at the Halloween party!! Haha. 

Elodie and Sebastian Barbaroux! Bishop and his wife! They are soo amazing. 

Dropping off Elder Uluave! My cute little Pau family. Love them so much.


None of you seem to have freaked out that I didn't write yesterday...so that is good. I was on trains all day yesterday so I didn't have any time to find a computer. So, obviously, I got transferred! I am in Limoges!
Only my first day so obviously I don't really know a lot yet...but I am super excited about this transfer. I love it here already! It is so pretty. And so much more of a city than Pau was. I am just such a city person...I just feel so in tune with myself when I am in a big city...
So yeah, President took sisters out of Pau for a transfer until all that n'importe de quoi clears up. It really wasn't a big deal. I am really sorry if I worried all of you! Honestly I had had like no sleep that night before and I was just super exhausted, and I really have no recollection of even typing that email...so yeah, I apologize. But everything is all good now! And I am excited for this transfer! I am with Soeur Loder, and I just love her already. I think our personalities are going to go really well together. She is like super just to the point and is honestly hilarious but just has super dry humor so a lot of people don't get her. But we are getting along already, I think it is going to be a good time working together. The only complaint I have this far is our apartment has a cockroach problem...so that has been fun. It is so sad because it is a nice big apartment buuut yeah. Super gross, and they haven't come up with a solution yet so we are just living with it....  Once again, it's amazing how much I learn on the mission. Like how to live with cockroaches! Haha.
I am really happy to be here, but honestly leaving Pau was super hard! Some of the members were so emotional on Sunday...it actually really touched me to see that. There were a lot of people who were really sad to see us go. And it was sad, but also made me realize how much work we actually did in Pau and how many people's lives we touched. So it was really cool. There is this one lady, her husband is inactive and has been for a really long time, so we were working with him quite a bit, and she was SO sad to see us go. It like really surprised me, it was really cool how much she cared about us. AND her husband showed up to the Halloween party on Saturday!! Just to see him inside the church. I was beyond thrilled.
Also, yeah.... ward Halloween party. It was such a good time. Sometimes being a missionary is just literally so much fun. Haha and I have been missing Halloween so much here! So it was great! BUT by far the highlight of my week was our musical night we put together. Oh. my. goodness. Best night on my mission thus far. It was absolutely AMAZING. I don't remember what I even said about it, but yeah we just all got together (as Pau missionaries) and decided to have a musical night. Mostly because Elder Carré is the best piano player in the whole ward and we just wanted him to play for the ward. Haha. Side note, Elder Carré is now in what we are calling as a mission the mission Backstreet Boys. President called like 5 Elders to be in a music group and there are just going to go around the mission playing for people and doing music firesides and things...so sick. 
But we put this music night together last minute, but it was such an amazing turnout!! SO many people came. And so many amis!! It was incredible. We had so many amazing people come that I honestly thought NEVER would come. But they did! It was amazing! Elder Carré played a lot of songs, then we had some members sing and play guitar, soeur D sang a couple really awesome songs (she has an amazing voice) annnd I read a poem. Haha! That is really all I can do I decided, is write. So Elder Carré played a hymn in the background, while we showed the video of the Savior in Gethsemane over a projector and I read a poem I wrote on The Atonement.
It was pretty awesome. So as you can tell... I am doing so great! Don't worry about me at all! 
I feel really good about this transfer. The only word I can really think of right now is just content. I feel super content right now. I am just really happy about life. Now content looks really weird to me. I hope that's a word in English..because contente is a word in French...
Oh also super happy thing about my French. Shared my testimony in French on Sunday because I was leaving...and I had SO many people tell me how impressed they were with my French, especially compared to the first week I was there. The bishop's wife was so dramatic about it and she was like YOU ARE GOING TO BE FRENCH MY THE ENTIRE OF YOUR MISSION!! And I was just like yup...that's the goal. Haha. So that was super motivating.
Also, I just HAVE to tell you the most hilarious thing from the week.
So we had this ami..who was honestly a pretty solid ami. Really searching for the truth. But honestly just a super awkward guy. Really really nice, but just like really weird social skills. Well, we were having a lesson last week, and at the end of the lesson he turns to Soeur D and says "I really need to tell you something and I haven't been able to talk to you alone." And then goes off on this 10 minute monologue.... and at the end...HE PROPOSED TO HER. Hahahahaha. Oh man it still makes me lose it. I am not even joking. He told her that she did not have to make the decision now, but that he wants her to think about it... Hahaha I have never laughed so hard or felt so awkward in my entire life.
C'est la vie de la missionaire....
It's too great.
I love you all so much! Keep doing what you are doing, I feel your love and I feel your prayers!!
You are so amazing!
Soeur Mag

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