Monday, November 4, 2013

La pluie, les cathédrales, et..... cockroaches.

I tried to take a picture everyday this week.
This day I got a white chocolate bar. With speculoos in it. I was stoked. Haha.
It's the little things.
Okay so you know cookie butter? It is literally that. Well, they have actually cookies of it too. And then they have spread. And it is literally the same as cookie butter. Super popular here.
It's the best. 

Moi et Soeur Loder! 

We look really angry in this picture...but honestly we were just trying to be funny.
We were really, really wet.
At the point that umbrellas don't help. Haha.

Some weeks I am really smart and make a list throughout the week of things I want to say. And some weeks I forget to do that. ...this is one of those weeks. So I apologize beforehand how unorganized this letter is about to be.
Rain. And more rain. And just when you think it can't rain any harder. IT DOES.
That's a pretty solid way to describe my week this week. Haha. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I end up walking in puddles in my shoes and kind of a little bit I just want to die.
But all in all, this week has been great! Well. Opposition in all things, of course.
But nontheless, it has been great. I just absolutely love Limoges. It has been super freezing here though. And I don't know if I mentioned this, but it has rained a lot too.
BUT, I love it. And I love my companion so much. We just work so well together. And she is hilarious. She always keeps me laughing. We are just really similar in a lot of ways. We have a lot of the same interests, and the same way of working. So it is so great! Also it is really fun to teach with her because she is a recent convert of about 4 years. So it is so cool to see how much she can relate to our amis. Also she loves deep doctrine. We have had some pretty intense companionship studies this mind has been blown quite a few times. It's fantastic. It is so fun to study SO much about the Gospel and increase my testimony and knowledge so much... and then go out and start from square one when we teach people.
I am engaging all of you to go find and read a talk this week called "The meaning of the Atonement" by Cleon Skousen. Of course, I can't write an email without an engagement. Haha. But if you have not read this talk before...go read it. But beware, it might just blow your mind. It changed my entire view on the Atonement though. It is absolutely amazing.
I decided that I really want to get serious on studying The Atonement this transfer. I just feel like I could study it for the rest of my life and still not come even close to understanding it. But it really increases my desire to serve so much. If only we could all understand more fully what our Savior did for us. I think if we all actually understood it and applied it to our lives... what an amazing change we could see in ourselves.
So that is my goal this transfer! And it already has been amazing studying every single day. 
Also my companion is a lot more brave at killing cockroaches than I am. Which has really saved me this week. Last night I went into our kitchen, innocently getting some food to eat. I moved something on the shelf, and about 15 baby cockroaches came flying out.
Any of you that know me probably can predict how I reacted.
It wasn't pretty.
It has been so annoying having to live with them!! BUT we have this miracle called the Elders. Haha, have I think I may have mentioned before how much I love serving with Elders...but honestly. They save us. So they are at our apartment today trying to see if we can get if figured out. If not, I'm moving. Haha. But honestly it's fine, I just hope we get if figured out so I can eat my food in peace and not wonder if maybe I am getting a bit of extra protein in my diet...(dad taught me that one. Just a little bit of extra protein, right? Haha)
I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! I really missed it here. But honestly on Halloween we had SUCH a fantastic day! I can't even tell you why. It wasn't like we saw this ridiculous miracle. There has been a lot of opposition going on here. We can feel it. But I really believe it is because the work is about to take off.
But Soeur Loder and I just felt like we were walking on clouds all day on the 31st. I think it was just a really happy to be a missionary type day. And it is soo beautiful here in Limoges. So many fall leaves and colors everywhere. And, even though it isn't huge here in France, there were little kids dressed up all over! It made me so happy!
Also, there was this beautiful moment where we were trying to pass a potential ami...knocked on all the doors in the apartment building, couldn't find him, so we walk out and walk down the street a little bit, turn the corner, and BAM huge cathedral in front of our face. It was so great because we weren't expecting it. I will send you a picture! It was just one of those tender mercies.
Cathedral we ran into! Not even a picture of the whole thing..I couldn't fit it all in one picture.
Also someone was playing the organ inside like crazy. It was fantastic. 
Being a missionary in France is the greatest thing of life. I still can't get over it every single day how lucky I am.  Satan has been messing with my head a bit this week. Trying to get me to be lazy and almost wish I wasn't on a mission at times. It has been a little hard. But honestly...he is so silly. Trying to get me to think for a second that I wouldn't want to be here. Yeah, it is honestly ridiculously hard at times. And a lot of times I really miss my old self and my old life. But I am doing the work of our Father in Heaven. I am standing in place of His son. I am so grateful for this experience. I am changing so much. I am so extremely blessed that I get the opportunity to be here. 
And most of all, I am blessed to have such an incredible support system.
You all mean the world to me. I love you all SO much.
Please keep praying for me.
I am praying for you.
I hope you all have a wonderful week. And most of all,  I hope you all know that your Heavenly Father loves you. He is literally only a prayer away. He is always there for you. No matter what.
Literally, no matter what. I hope you never forget that. 
Je vous aime!! Je vous souhaite un bonne semaine! 
Soeur Magleby
P.S.  I miss root beer a lot.
And peanut butter. Haha.
Peanut butter is only an American thing. So they have like tiny jars of it at some stores but for like 10 euros on the international aisle.
But its fine.
We get crepes.

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