Monday, November 18, 2013

C'est la vie

Last week we had a beautiful P Day and took a wonderful walk around the river!
I went picture crazy. It was one of those just absolutely perfect moments in life. This is the cathedral from the other side, the same one I sent a picture home a few weeks ago.

I'm just like....really happy. Haha.

This is how happy I was to get STUFFING!!! Yay!! Thanksgiving!!!!!! Haha.

Limoges is beautiful.
So I was really smart this week and made a list of all the things throughout this week that I want to tell you. Yay! I love when I do that. Haha.
For starters, MIRACLE WEEK. You know how I keep saying we had a bunch of opposition but I knew that meant that miracles were coming? The miracles definitely started happening this week. I learned a really good lesson this week.
So in our weekly planning, we made a really specific goal that we wanted to teach one lesson a day. We wanted to teach ONCE at least every single day. So we prayed for this goal like crazy. And worked as hard as we could to achieve it. And even though we didn't quite reach our goal, because we did our best, we were blessed so much!
On Tuesday, we had a really hard day. We decided to go out porting into this one neighborhood that we had tried before but didn't have a lot of time. So, we went back. Full of hope we would teach our one lesson for the day. Annnd we didn't. And it was pouring. And freezing cold. And we ported for almost 4 hours with absolutely no success. And we actually lost a potential ami. So we got home that night just exhausted. And sad that we had not accomplished our goal.
You will only receive a witness after the trial of your faith
Tuesday was our trial.
Wednesday was our witness.
We went to pass an ancient ami that we had found in our area book. A man opened the door. He said the girl we were looking for was in the apartment sleeping. We then proceeded to talk to him for 45 minutes. And say a prayer. And teach him practically the whole first lesson. Our lesson for the day! This man is amazing. We are teaching him tonight, and I am so excited! He is from Algeria, and talked to us a lot about all the scary crazy stuff he saw going on there. And how it made him no longer believe in God. He doesn't understand a religion where God would allow such bad things to happen. And we shared our message with him. And I saw his entire face change. It was SO amazing to be able to share with him the positivity of our message. And to promise him blessings. Promise him that he has a father in Heaven who loves him. And that life is meant for us to be happy! I could tell it is something he has been looking for, for so long.
I will let you know next week how our lesson goes tonight!
Something fun that we have been doing a ton of this week as well, is service! Serving the Elders. We have this fun thing going on with us and the Elders. It started the first night they got here. They had had a really long day, and they did not even have a fridge in their new apartment. So we brought them dinner that night. And they were so grateful. And then they came to our apartment and cleaned our kitchen and checked for cockroaches. Still feel indebted to them for that. And then from then on...we have literally been serving each other as much as we can. It is such a blast. We buy them pastries. They buy us éclairs. We go print off tickets for them at the gare and heart attack them. They buy us brownies. IT is SO fun! And this week we did a really fun thing, and we made them a huge lunch, because they were in desperate need of a warm meal. Their electricity bill was not paid. Which means they have been literally freezing in their apartment. It is really, really cold here. We felt so bad. So we made them chicken noodle soup and hot chocolate. Haha. It is just something that we have been doing that has really made me LOVE service even more!!

There is also something really cool that I have been thinking a lot about this week. I have said to you a lot of times about how amazing it is how much I have made such a better relationship with my Savior. And that I know him better than every before. And this week I have been thinking a lot about that, especially in my studies because I have really been focusing on studying the Savior's life. I have been reading the New Testament like crazy and also reading Jesus the Christ. It has been amazing. And there is this crazy thing that happens when I talk to people about Christ. And I honestly can't really explain it. But it's like, Christ is such this big figure in the world. Everyone knows who He is, whether you believe in Him or not. So it's like, when I talk to people about Christ, whether it is on the rue or in a lesson, people know who I am talking about. And I ask them if they believe in Christ. And we had this moment with Bill where it really hit me. He said he believes that someone named Jesus Christ lived, but he is not sure who he really was. And as I sat there and testified to him about who Jesus Christ was, I can't even explain to you how it feels. It feels like I am talking about my best friend. Someone I know really, really well. It is almost like I want to turn to my side and ask "Was that good? Did I explain your life correctly to him?"
I can't even explain in words how LITERALLY I feel Christ walking with me every single day.
He is my best friend. He is my older brother. He is my Savior.
This is such a sacred time in my life. Where I get to spend all day doing His work. But I know no matter where we are in life, we can all make our lives sacred, and have the Savior walk with us. Every single day.
All we have to do is seek Him.
And He is there with us. Always. He is in our midst. As a representative of Him, I can promise you that.
I love you all so much! I feel your prayers. During all the hard times.
I think of you, and your love and support. And it keeps me going.
I love you all! Have a wonderful week!
Sœur Magleby
PS BIGGEST miracle of the week, we have not seen cockroaches in 5 days!! Ahh!! It is seriously a miracle!!

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