Monday, February 24, 2014


We are now good friends with the couple on the street who sell crepes everyday....enough said.

I am super happy today.  It has just been one of those weeks. I have had a really amazing week. I have just felt a really good spirit with me all week, and it has really kept me going.
First off, N--. FINALLY we got to see her this week. And I am so so grateful for that. THERE IS NOTHING TO BE WORRIED ABOUT. Sorrry, that sounds like I am yelling. But I was just skipping out of our rdv with her I was so happy. I didn't really tell you, but the rdv we had with her right after her baptism was terrible. Honestly, terrible. We couldn't even teach she was so distracted and literally could not even bring in the spirit, just to wrap it up in a sentence. We have been so worried about her falling after she wasn't able to be baptized.   And this is where I learned my amazing lesson on patience this week!
Well, you all know me. Patience has always been the absolute hardest thing for me. And probably forever will be. And I feel like I am forever learning lessons in patience!
And this situation with N-- really taught me yet another way of how I need to develop more patience. After we had this terrible rdv with her, I was so frustrated. I was SO frustrated that just because of this man in her life that she doesn't even want there, that she couldn't be baptized. And I was just so mad at the rules. And just really angry with the timing of it all, I felt like she was falling and there was nothing we could do.

But then we had this amazing discussion with her this week. And she really finally just explained to us everything, and her whole situation. And now I understand everything. She has this whole complicated situation with her work that honestly would be way too hard to even explain. But now I completely understand why she has been so stressed and has seemed so distant. She is not falling AT ALL. Anything but that. She is the same amazing and faithful N-- I know and love. She is currently in England visiting her friend, who is a member! She was so cute. She was like "We are sad because we planned on going to the temple and I won't be able to, but we are still going to go look at it! And we will have family home evenings together and everything!" It was so cute. And then as we were walking out she just said something that just made me SO happy I almost couldn't contain it. We told her transfer calls are this week and we aren't sure what is going to happen so we would let you know (hey just so you know..transfer calls are this week) And she was sad at the fact that one of us might leave, but then as we were leaving she was like "Oh well! We have the rest of our lives to know each other. And me and S-- are going to visit you in America!" And then she looked at me and she was like "And we can visit you in Salt Lake! And go to the temple!"
Um. Yeah. The idea of going to the Salt Lake Temple with N-- someday just makes me feel so happy beyond words.
I realized through the whole experience with her how impatient I was being.  I was not having faith in God's timing. He knows exactly what He is doing. And I just need to have a lot more faith in that.That was just a simple example of one of the many happy moments I have had this week :)
Co-- is doing awesome. He has already read 12 chapters in the Book of Mormon. And downloaded it on his phone. And bought a scripture case. He is so awesome. It has been fun teaching him.

Also those nights when we have an absolute PERFECT rdv with these inactives we are trying to get to like us. There is nothing better than literally cracking up with people playing card games.

Gosh. My life is so wonderful. I am sorry this just feels like a mess of a letter, but I just really want you to know how happy I am. I wish I could take the time to just explain to you all of those perfect amazing miracles I have the oppoortunity to witness everyday.
I am literally amazed at how blessed I am.
I read a really amazing talk by Neal A Maxwell this week. Entitled Patience. (surprised?) And it is amazing! Changed my outlook on so many things. (link to that talk:

Something he said that has been on my thoughts, is he talked about time. And how time is not something that is natural to us. He said that we are beings that belong to eternity, not to time. That is why we always have to have watches and clocks. Because it is not in our being. Cool, huh? Which means that there is no reason we just stress about time and being impatient for the future. Because in the whole scheme of things...time is literally nothing. I don't know how much that will help you, but just something that really helped me this week.

I love you!!
And since time is literally nothing...I will see you soon :)
Soeur Magleby

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