Friday, March 21, 2014

Le bonheur

More sun this week! I was....happy? ;) Haha. But the sun has already gone away a bit this week...but it was fun while it lasted!

I have one conclusion at the end of this week.  SOMEONE must have been praying extra hard for me this week.
I don't really know what has gotten into me. But I have been like literally jumping out of bed every single day I have been so happy to start the day.  And let me just tell much as I would like it to be, that is definitely NOT how it is usually. This week I have just felt so overwhelmingly HAPPY. So I just really wanted to focus my email on happiness today.
We have had a pretty crazy week. It went by super fast. Mostly because we ended up spending THREE days in Bordeaux. Annnd it ended up being for no reason. Pretty sad, actually. Well, we did have zone training. And that was awesome. But that was on Thursday and we left for Bordeaux on Tuesday. We went to do my companion's legality so she can continue to legally live in France...but then ended up that we didn't even need to go. All in all, we ended up in Bordeaux for a whole day with absolutely nothing to do. Terrible, right? I mean what gets worse than getting stuck in beautiful Bordeaux for a day? Haha ;) It was kind of a hard day because we literally had nothing to do but contacting alll daaaay loooong....BUT it was beautiful. The sun was shining, perfect beautiful weather, and we were walking along the water in a beautiful city in France talking to people.  Yeah. I definitely had one of those OH MY GOSH I AM IN FRANCE moments. Sometimes I just feel like I forget a little bit. And then sometimes it just really hits me. And I get really super overwhelmed at how incredibly BLESSED and LUCKY I am to be here.  So, yeah. I love being in France. I feel more blessed than I could put into words.
Also, another event of the week. Co--. Oh Co--. So, as you know, his baptism was scheduled for this Saturday. But as we all also know, there is something called opposition that likes to get in the way. That is really quite frustrating at times. but after all the experiences I have had recentely, I have really learned to just be patient with it. In summary, Co-- will not be getting baptized this Saturday. But, I refuse to lose faith in him, and I have a feeling that we would only be waiting just a couple more weeks until he gets in that water. But honestly..I never know. If I have learned anything it is that I literally just never know what is going to happen. God's plan for His children seem to have a lot of twists and turns, but that I know will all be for the better.
Without gong into to much detail, he is just struggling with accepting the law of chastity. It is just something that he has never thought about it before and he honestly does not think that he will be able to live it. But, he is still reading the book of Mormon like crazy and praying to know if it is true, and I know and have so much faith that if he just continues to do that, that everything will be okay. And that he will really be able to recieving a witness from the Holy Ghost about the truthfulness of this Gospel.
So, there is that. Also another fun event of my week is a got to watch a MOVIE!!!
For those of you that know me...which is all of know what that means to me.
A member wanted to show us Ephraim's Rescue, and we got it approved by President.
Such a huge tender mercy for me this week. I just felt the Spirit so strong by watching that movie. And I just felt a renewed energy for the work. It is a movie about the pioneers, and gosh really just seeing everything they went honestly made me feel proud to maybe feel a little bit like them. Not in ANYWHERE close to them of course, but just in the way that like seeing their completely frozen feet they usually had to end up cutting off made me feel a lot better about my feet that just maybe hurt a little bit every night I go to bed. It just really made me feel proud that even though my sacrifice is nothing near theirs, I am out here, making a sacrifice for my Savior every single day. And even though it sucks to have my feet that hurt me almost everyday, it almost makes me feel proud. Proud that I am sacrificing so much for my Savior.
Sorry, I Don't know if that really makes sense. My thoughts are a little all over the place today.
Sorry this letter is not too long, I really wanted to take the time to individually write to a lot of you today.   But, back to my happiness topic.
I. am. so. happy.
I know I say that a lot. And I am really am usually always happy. Well, most the time.
But Heavenly Father has blessed me so much this week. He has helped me to be 100 percent, honestly and truly, happy. It has been such a huge blessing. And I am going to work as hard as I can to really take this attitude with me for not only the rest of this week or transfer, but for the rest of my mission. I just have had so many overwhelming moments where I have felt SO happy to be His missionary this week. And so, so blessed. And that is really how I need to feel all the time.
Happiness. That has always been my favorite topic. I think you all know that. And it forever will be.  If we are happy, truly, nothing else matters. I really believe that. That is our greatest goal. The plan of happiness. That is all that Heavenly Father wants for us. And even though we have challanges, aka not everyone wants to be baptized exactly when I want them...everything will work out in the end if we just do as He asks of us. Because that is all He wants for us. Because He loves us. And because He is our Father.
I invite you all this  week to really focus on just being simply, happy! That is our biggest goal. And why not make it our daily one as well?
I love you all so much.
Thank you for your prayers and helping me to be as happy as I am.
Have a wonderful week!
Soeur Mag

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