Monday, March 31, 2014

Children of a King

The B--'s :) Some of my favorite people in the ENTIRE world
Salut ma famille! :)
Well, I am kind of in this strange situation where I had an AWESOME week but for some reason don't seem like I have much to write about this week. So sorry if this letter seems a little bit shorter.  But I would like to tell you about the MIRACLE day that we had this week! It actually was quite a crazy day. Usually we have three hours of studies in the morning, but our ami could only see us at 9 AM so we left the house at 8. I actually hate when my studies get thrown off..I am kind of stubborn about it. But, it ended up being worth it :) And we were able to do them that night. So, all is well.  But, we left the house at 8 in the morning and we were literally non stop working until 7 at night. I was exhausted by the end of the day. But it ended up being one of the best days I have had!
Our first rdv that morning was with our ami Love. Yes, her name is Love. She is wonderful. She is also African. Which means that I love her like crazy...but also that she is the hardest person to get in contact with. She is just really hard to have rdv's with. So, we show up at her apartment. And ring her doorbell. And ring it again. And then knock. And then stand there. We were determined not to leave that place until we had a rdv with her. And first miracle of the day...she opened the door!! Dilligence. Haha. We ended up having a super amazing lesson with her teaching The Restoration. It felt like one of those perfect lessons that I watch on The Distrct..haha. It just felt so perfect. She has a daughter in Congo that is a member. And she talked to her daughter and told her she started taking the missionary lessons and her daughter told her that she has literally been praying for this moment to happen to years....  and it just really hit me. That I have done the exact same thing. Prayed for my family members in the exact same way. And there I was, sitting in her apartment, being a literally answer to HER own daughter's prayers. I can't really describe it. But it was a beautiful, beautiful feeling.
And then, we set a baptism date with her for the end of April. I really have a lot of faith that she can make it, even if it takes an effort! She is really wonderful. I mean obviously, her name is Love.
And THEN we went straight from that lesson to a lesson with Co--.  Back story, we had had a lesson with him the day before. Where we very boldly testified to him that literally the only thing holding him back from baptism is himself. Not having faith in himself. So, we told him that we had prayed about it, and we wanted to set his date for the 12th of April. So, just in a couple weeks. And he told us he would pray about it.
So, back to our miracle day. We are sitting outside waiting for him to meet up with us, and he come and sits down by us. And he just looks at us and says "I made a decision. The 12th. I am getting baptized." (but in French)  I WAS SOOO HAPPY! We had walked out of our rdv the day before I just texted SO many people and asked them to PLEASE pray for Cornel to fix his date for the 12th. And then he sat down and told us that.
PRAYERS WORK. Like, really though. HUGE miracle.
And I actually feel like it is going to happen this time. I am still not letting myself FULLY believe it, but, I feel pretty good about it. My goodness am I so excited for him.
So, we set two baptism dates in one day with two amazing people. And then we went and had a really wonderful rdv with the Young Women.  I know I have said it multiple times...but I literally can't explain how much I love this ward. It is going to be SO hard to leave them when the time comes.
I really never realized how much I would truly love the people I am serving here. I think the biggest lesson I learned this week is just how much I really love getting to have a front row seat to really SEE how much Heavenly Father loves His children. I get to se it every single day. In the way that He works with His children. He knows us so well. He knows exactly how to work with us.  How to answer our prayers. How to give us trials to help us grow.
I promise you, that HE knows YOU. Personally.
Our Savior has literally felt it all before. They know exactly how to help us go. How to help us progress. How to help us become better. How to help us acheive our goals. And how to comfort us in times of need.
Don't ever forget the simple fact that you have a Savior who knows you better than you know yourself. Trust in that. Have faith in that. And don't ever let go.
I love you all.
I hope you enjoy General Confernence this week!!!! I am sooo excited.
I will talk to you soon!
Je vous aime!
Soeur Magleby

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