Monday, April 7, 2014

A Prophet's Voice

Me and my birthday burger ;)

Annnd then my cute companion
Hello my darling family!
Well. First off, thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! It means so much to me. You all sacrifice and do so much for me and I just hope you know how much I really appreciate it.
I have had a really wonderful day today! I feel super lucky that my birthday just happened to fall on a P-Day. It couldn't get anymore perfect! I woke up this morning and my companion had put like three adorable birthday cards on the table along with an adorable French journal and crispy M&M's. She knows me so well. It was adorable. And then after studies we headed to the mall and did some good shopping for a couple hours. And then we went to an adorable little classy French restauarant annnd don't make fun of me but my American side definitely came out and I ordered a burger and fries. Aw man, it definitely was perfect though. Hehe. So, that is my birthday so far. Just thought you would all want to know how I spent my birthday in beautiful France. Pretty much the same as always...and it was perfect ;)
Welp. This week, frankly, did not have a lot happen. So I decided I just really wanted to talk about today about how much I absolutely LOVED conference. My goodness. It was incredible. I felt like I was just eating up every single talk. It really helped because I felt like I did a lot better at spiritually preparing myself before this conferenced. I really prayed a lot that I would get the personal messages I needed to feel out of this conference. And it definitely worked! I got a lot of answered prayers to questions I did not even know I had.
But one of the biggest things I just took away from this conference is just how grateful I am to have a living prophet on the Earth. I never realized before my mission JUST what that meant. Because I have just always grown up with that knowledge. But going around and telling people we have a living prophet and then people telling me how crazy I am, it has made me realize just what that really means to us. I just literally would be lost without their counsel. I had this really funny moment that made me learn a lot, when we were all sitting in front of the TV with all our pens and notebooks and Co-- looked at us and said "What is that?" pointing to our notebooks. And I was like "What do you mean what is that? It is stuff for us to take notes.." and he was like "Yeah but don't you already know everything?"

It really hit me right then. That Co--, who is at the beginning of his "covenant path", looks at us as missionaries and how much we know, and just assumes that we know everything about the Gospel. And yes, obviously, my mission has helped me grow A LOT in knowledge. To the point that I am not even sure WHAT I knew about The Gospel before. But also, my mission has made me realize how much I DON'T know. And how I will never be able to learn it all. Not in this life. Therefore, we NEED the prophet's counsel. We absolutely need it. Because we will never know enough. Ever. Not until the end.

Which brings me to the next biggest topic that I have learned recently...Trust. Trust in the Lord. Heavenly Father has really been trying to teach me this lately. I can see it. Trusting in Him and in His Son. For me, that is one of the key ingrediants. Sometimes I stress myself about how much I don't know. How much I still have to progress. How far I still have left to go on this journey. But, I know and have a huge testimony now that AS I trust in the Lord...Everything will work out.

Also, here is one of my favorite quotes from conference:
"If you let Him be the leader of your family, everything will work out." (President Eyring)

What a HUGE amazing promise. From a prophet of God. If we just put our Savior first. Let Him lead and guide our loves. And most importantly, our families.
Everything will work out.  It will all work out. I PROMISE you that.

How grateful I am to have a loving Heavenly Father who loves us SO much that He called a prophet to speak to us in our day.  Now THAT, is a miracle.

Another miracle? Co-- is getting baptized this Saturday. Things are all worked out. All he has to do is get through this week...and he will be able to take his first step on this amazing covenant path of life. I am so excited for him. I will update you all next week.
I love you!!!
Soeur Magleby


  1. Not to detract from all the wonderful things cute Karissa had said... but what?! they still sell Cripsy M&M's?!?! Those are my favorite! I googled them and i guess they only sell them in Europe now.. so jealous! Anyway, hope she had a fabulous birthday! :)

    1. Oh Brittany, this is only one reason why I love you so much!!! Also, I hadn't noticed the crispy M&M's were gone from our shelves--I guess now I know what to bring you as a souvenir from France!