Monday, April 14, 2014


Hello my dear family.
Yes, it happened. I left Limoges :( Literally one of the most sad days of my mission. But, in a good way of course. I just felt like I was leaving my family. As I was packing up my things I literally felt like I did when I was leaving home going to the MTC. Spending 6 months serving those people really made me love them like a family. I prayed so hard to love them that it may have worked a little too much...haha. I really created life-long friendships in that ward. Those 6 months I spent in Limoges really changed me. And by the time I left, that entire ward had changed. They are not the same people as when I arrived. I was so blessed to be able to see the change made in them. It really was a ville of miracles. And our adorable bishop gave me a present this morning when I left...he gave me a tee shirt that they had made an iron on for that has a picture of the Limoges gare and it says "J'ai servi à Limoges. La ville des miracles!" (I served at Limoges. The city of miracles!) it literally was just the cutest thing ever. I think that just really shows how close I got with these members. They gave me a tee shirt when I left, haha ;)
And then, we ended this week, and I ended my time at Limoges with the most beautiful miracle that could EVER occur.  Co-- is now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
There are really no words to explain the feelings that I had as I watched him go under that water, and then later recieving the Holy Ghost.  I feel so, so blessed. That I was able to be an instrument in the hands of my Heavenly Father, to be able to bring one of his lost sons back to Him.  It was such a beautiful experience. I can't wait to see what lies ahead of him on his journey :)
And I am sorry I don't have a lot of time tonight, I just wanted to get on to let all of you know where I am at now!
I am now in a city near Pau, so I have been here before. I am back to where I started! Haha. But I am excited because I will get to go back to Pau for district meetings, it will be fun. So far so good here! It is a teeny tiny ville. And it is a branch, not a ward. But I am really excited to see what awesome things can happen here!
My new comp is Soeur S. I knew her before and I was super excited when President told me I was going to be her comp because she is really sweet. We have only been together a few hours, and I already love her!! It will be a good transfer. She is from Utah but she is Mexican so yes she speaks Spanish, haha.

I really just can't convey how happy I am with my life right now. It truly has been an absolutely incredible week. All I really feel right now is so, SO blessed. I am so beyond happy to be a missionary for my Father in Heaven. He has blessed be so immensly. I just don't know what I did to deserve all of these blessings.
I love you all so much. I hope you all have a wonderful week! Sorry not a lot to say this week but yeah....had a baptism.So that pretty much sums up the week for me. Haha.

Je vous aime!
Soeur Magleby

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