Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Simply wonderful

Throwback to my last week in Limoges

Cou cou my darling family.

I have good news.  I love it here! Haha. It really has been a wonderful first week.
All of you are shooting me with questions like crazy so I will try to answer some of them:
First off, Soeur S is awesome. I have been so blessed with companions. It has been interesting to work with her because we do our work a little differently, but she has really already taught me a lot. She is a super hard worker and dedicated missionary and SO sweet and I really couldn't ask for more. Also she is from West Valley so pretty much we are from the same place so that already gives us a lot in common. But we really do have a lot of things in common, and it has made it a lot easier to work.
The branch is wondeful as well. It really isn't that tiny, we had 40 people come to Sacrament meeting this week. I really expected it to be a lot smaller. But it is really great! The members are really adorable here as well. They are super easy to love. They work with us quite a bit as well, it is really wonderful. I have already became good friends with a member here. I actually knew her from before when I was in Pau, but she literally is incredible. She does everything for us and finds people on the street for us. It is so awesome. And actually yesterday she got her mission call....it was so fun. She had been waiting for it forever. And she waited to open it until right after church when everyone was there. It was so awesome. (PS she is going to Germany)
I really loved watching her open her call and see that look on her face and see how excited she was, because it really brought me back lots of memories to that moment, more than a year ago now, when I opened my own call. And it really made me remember how I felt at that moment. How much hope I had. How just downright EXCITED I was for my mission.
I remember so clearly that moment of reading those words "France Lyon Mission". And I just took a second and sat there and look around myself, more than a year later, and looked and where I was at. How different I am now from that girl who first opened that call letter. And how much I know love these people I serve. I had no idea what was in front of me at that moment. And I just feel so, so blessed to have already had all the experiences I have had on the mission, and I am just so excited to see what still lies ahead in this wonderful experience!
So, yeah. Comp is great. Branch is great. Amis are great. The city is great. No cockroaches in the apartment.  Sooo I would say things are going pretty well :)
We have seen a lot of little miracles this week. Everything from contacting people who have family members who are members of the church, to teaching almost full lessons on peoples doorsteps. It has been so fun. There really is a lot of work happening here. In Limoges, we obviously saw a ton of amazing things and did a lot of work there. But honestly apart from the amis I would tell you about every week, we didn't have a lot of other stuff going on. My favorite thing about working here so far is that we have been really busy! We are teaching a lot. We are visiting members often. It just feels really good to be really busy, and it has really given me the opportunity to just really focus on the work I am doing. I don't have even a lot of time to think and I have just been focused on everything I am doing at the moment. It has made me feel like  a lot better missionary. 
That is really it for the week. It was just a simply really good week. But I am also glad it is over, haha. It is a little hard just to be completely new at everything and not feel like I know anything that is going on. So I hope this week I can just focus on getting really adjusted here.
This week I was just really grateful for the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I felt the Spirit really strong with me this week as I was testifying to people. The Holy Ghost is just something I am constantly focusing on. On learning how to really recongize the Spirit in my life. It has been a harder language to learn than French. I have to work on being worthy of The Spirit every single day. And honestly, sometimes it is really hard. But when I feel the Spirit testify through me..there is really greater feeling. So I guess I woulds say that is something I have really learned this week. The importance of the Spirit. Don't ever forget it. Don't ever forget that the Holy Ghost is literally our best friend. Don't take it for granted.
I love you all so much.
I will talk to you soon!
Soeur Mag

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