Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Qui suis-je?

Went to an adorable French cafe today. Just thought you would all like to know I am still myself :)

Bonjour all my wonderful loved ones!
Welp. It has been actually quite an amazing week. We definitely have seen some miracles. And even though I wasn't QUITE jumping out of bed of happiness this week...I was still so happy all week long. I will try to go in order of the wonderful events that happened this week.
First off, just to let you know about Co--. He still has not refixed his baptism date. It actually has been sad, but also not the worst thing in the world. He just is really struggling with accepting the law of chastity. But, he will get there. I know he will. He just finished 2 Nephi. And he is literally praying everyday about the things we ask him to pray about. I have so much faith his prayers will be answered. So even if his baptism does not happen as soon as we would like it to, I know that he will be baptized, no doubt!
We found a new ami this week, Sa==. He is SO awesome. He was our little miracle. We decided for some odd reason to just walk home this day instead of taking the bus like we always do. And we were crossing the street, and I say a guy on the other side of the street walking towards us and I turned to my companion and said "Look at that guy, he is awesome! I want to talk to him." But before I could even say anything he walked up to us and was doing this funny smile as if he knew us. And he then started telling us about how he knew the missionaries in Spain, and how he had just got to Limoges a few months ago and has been wanting to know if there was a church here. MIRACLE. Also, yes, he is awesome. The reason I wanted to contact him is because he was dressed super well and was holding a really nice Nikon camera so, there ya go. Haha. He has a lot of faith and is such a nice guy I can't wait to teach him more.
So, that was our cool little miracle or the week.
We have also had a lot of fun using the questionnaire this week. I now realize I have not told you guys about this. But our (amazing) mission president has come up with a survey for us to use as we are contacting. And at first it was really weird, just a whole new way to contact. But I am so in love with it! It has really made me become a better contactor. It makes me a lot less nervous just to contact people on the bus and ask them if I can just ask them a few questions. I have just really loved the effects of using this questionnaire this week. We obviously face a lot of rude or weird or down right crazy people as missionaries, but also we get to talk to a lot of AMAZING people. And that is seriously one of my favorite parts of missionary work. Is how many inspiring people I get to talk to everyday. And I am just so grateful for the amazing inspiration of our incredible mission president!
Speaking of, Zone Conference. That is what I had yesterday and why I am on on Tuesday today. The best Zone Conference I have had my entire mission. By far. It was exactly what I need. I felt the Spirit SO strong. I just feel like I am on a spiritual high right now. I learned so much. I am going to do my best to try to convey with you a really cool concept I felt the Spirit teach me this week and especially yesterday, but bear with me as I try to put my feelings into words...
Who are we? Who am I? Who are YOU?
Children of our Heavenly Father.
And I think we all know that. But have you ever taken a second to figure out what that actually means?  It means that we have a divine calling. It means that we each have our own individual plan. It means that we are all here, exactly when we are, exactly where we are, for a precise reason.
We literally were all sent here with a calling to fulfill. As Saints in the Latter Days. We were all sent here at this time for a reason, for a calling.  YOU have a calling that Heavenly Father has sent you to fill. To build up His Kingdom. And the immensity of my calling has really been hitting me this week. I wish I could put it more into words. But it is difficult.
I just know more than anything, that me, being a missionary right now, is exactly what I was called to do. I am just so grateful for this calling I have received. There are times on my mission where I literally can FEEL myself fulfilling something that was designed before this world began. It is really the most beautiful feeling.
Sorry, this is getting a bit deep. But I just wanted to leave you with one more thought.
Yesterday at Zone Conference we had someday named Elder Lund come talk to us. He is an area seventy but also a good friend of President Roney. And a lot of what he said really touched me. He was awesome. But he said something that really hit me.
He said, to us missionaries, "This is real life. That other life out there, that is everyone else just trying to live what our real life actually is."
A mission is us living a lot closer to our "real life". Meaning, our life with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Who we really are. As children of God. Being a missionary is being surrounded by and thinking about the Gospel 24/7. And THAT is the closest to our real life than I will even get on this Earth. This 18 months of my life will be really coming almost as close as I can be to who I really am.
It also made me think a lot about the temple. Gosh, I miss it so much I can't even explain. In the temple, I feel closest to our "real life". To who I actually am. And it is the greatest feeling in the world.  And I just know that any of the happiness we feel here on Earth is not anything compared to how HAPPY we will be after this life.
As long as we do what He asks of us. And follow Him. Trust in Him.
I invite you all this week just to really take a second to reflect on who you REALLY are. And then, do the things that your real self would have you do.
I am sorry if that is complicated or really deep but, there you have it. That is the biggest thing I learned this week.
Alright, long enough email. I love you all so much. I pray for you like crazy.
Have a wonderful week!
Soeur Magleby

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