Wednesday, June 18, 2014


On our 8 hour bus ride to Nice!

Hello my dear loved ones.
I honestly don't even know where to begin. I am sure you are all super excited to hear about how the conference went. And I have been very excited to share with you all what an amazing experience I had. But you are all going to have to bear with me a bit as I try to put it into words. I know, I know..I am supposed to be a writer, right? ;) But there are just some things that we feel in life that are almost impossible to put into words...and those are the kind of feelings I felt after this conference.

I honestly feel like this day changed my life. That probably sounds quite dramatic, but this day definitely changed many aspects of my life. I learned SO many things that have already began to make a change in my life, and I learned many things that, if I really work at applying them, I know will continue to affect my life, even after the mission. The only word I have been able to use to describe it is sacred. It was such a sacred experience.

It was such a beautiful day. The trip getting there wasn't too bad, the bus ride actually went by really fast. Before I knew it we were sitting in the conference center. Actually, the whole experience seems to be pretty surreal. After it was over I kept reflecting on it and it honestly all feels like a dream. I will start with a simple truth that I learned through this conference. The prophets and apostles we have on the Earth today are called of God. They speak to us the literal words of God. That is one huge testimony of mine that I know got so immensly strengthened through this conference. Studying the last General Conference talks this morning that really hit me. In getting the amazing opportunity to hear from Elder Anderson, I really was able to strengthen my own personal testimony on the prophets and apostles that are called in our day. They are truly called of God.

I couldn't even explain to you if I tried to about the Spirit that entered the room when he walked in. We all stood, and it was silent. And from that very first moment, the spirit in the room that day was something beyond words. I recieved a real testimony that he is called of God. And I know for a fact that everything he said to us was exactly what Heavenly Father wanted us to hear.  Gosh, this honestly is so hard to put into words! There was so many beautiful moments that I could just probably sit here and write a letter for two hours to explain it all. What he mostly talked to us about was a  lot about faith, and miracles. And he told us again and again that our mission is no harder than anyone else's! Just because we are in France and not in Brazil.. haha, that doesn't mean we have a harder mission. It is just different. And he literally told us straight up that we just need to have more faith. We are actually really, really blessed to be in a mission that makes us develop this incredible faith. I definitely have seen that on my mission. He told us that we don't have enough faith. And we need to have more faith to see miracles, every single day. And he promised us that if we do so, we can baptize every single month. It was so inspired. I have definitely tried my hardest to put this into action this week. And let me tell you...I HAVE SEEN MIRACLES!! I have literally felt changed after this conference, it changed the way that I do missionary work. I woke up every day this week expecting miracles, and then doing my best to have them happen. And they have!! I am still working like crazy for our July 5th goal...And because I have tried to develop more FAITH to see these miracles happen...they have happened! It is going to be crazy if we actually achieve our goal of a baptism on July 5th..but I know it could happen. We have a huge handful of potentials that have fallen into our lap this week, it has literally been so incredible to see!

But, I want to end with telling you the absolute biggest thing that changed my life from this conference. It was at the end, when he started testifying to us and promising us blessings. He said these words:  "Stop being so hard on yourself. You don't have to reach perfection on your mission. You just need to do your best, every single day."  So simple, and yet...I can't even explain to you what I felt as soon as he said those words.
Never, ever in my entire life have I felt such direct communication with my Heavenly Father. I felt like He was saying those words directly to me. I am really grateful I did my best to spiritually prepare for this conference, because I felt I was spiritually prepared enough that Heavenly Father granted me this amazing opportunity to feel of his love for me. It was a direct answer to prayer. It was so, so clear. I have never felt so enveloped in my Savior's love.

And then Elder Anderson testified of the Savior. And I couldn't hold back the tears. I literally just started weeping. NEVER, EVER in my entire life have I felt such a strong witness of the reality of my Savior. And that He lives. And His love for us.

Of all the things I learned form this conference...that was my very favorite.  I learned..that my Savior lives. And that He loves me. And that this is His work.  No matter what my future holds, I will never, ever be able to deny that witness I received.
I am sorry this was kind of all over the place...but you can probably see how truly incredible it was.
How blessed I feel to have been able to have had this experience.
I love my life more than I can even put into words.
This gospel is HAPPINESS. Pure, true, and everlasting happiness.

And that is all that matters.

I LOVE YOU ALL. I am just so happy I feel I could explode. I pray for you all like crazy.
I know that our Savior lives and He loves us. Turn to Him. He loves you more than you can imagine.
I will talk to you soon!

Soeur Magleby.

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