Monday, June 2, 2014

La prière

Hello my darling loved ones!

Welp. I made it through my first week here! Honestly, it has been a pretty crazy week. It is just always a little bit hard for me at first to get adjusted to a new place, a new companion, etc. But at the end of it, I am super happy to be here. I just feel like I was blessed this week because Heavenly Father taught me a lot.

This is an adorable ville and I really, really love it. And the Branch is super wonderful! I love the members. They are really funny and love to joke around, and I always love that. It is not too huge but not too small either, it is about like Tarbes, about 40 people at church everyweek.

We saw a lot of really cool miracles this week! We met a lot of cool people. My companion is super, super wonderful. I feel so spoiled to have been blessed with such amazing companions on my mission. I really have never had any huge problems with any of them. And it is fun to have a German companion! I don't think I am going to learn much German though...super, super difficult. Haha.

We have had a really hard working great week together though. My FAVORITE miracle, was yesterday ;) We have an amazing DMB. Ummm I don't remember what this is in English. Ward mission leader? Well, branch mission leader. And this week of June is a special month of invitation, we are calling it. Which means all the members are going to work extra hard this month to invite their friends to sacrament meeting! So we have been going around asking the members like crazy what we can do to help them to invite their friends! And we called our DMB Frère Munn and he was like "Well, I have quite a few people living by me I would like to introduce you to..why don't you come over on Sunday and we will go around visiting them?" And that is what we did!

That probably doesn't seem very exciting to many of you...but honestly my whole mission..I had never had a member help us out like that. I feel like most of my mission has just been trying to help members become missionaries. But he was so ready to help us! And so we spent yesterday walking around the adorable city of Aix-Les-Bains visiting his neighbors. We saw some really cool miracles. Nothing HUGE as in someone right then and there wanting to be baptized, but we met some really really wonderful ladies and a beautiful family that is in much need of the Gospel.  It was just a beautiful day full of miracles spent with a member with lots of wonderful occasions to testify! Those are my favorite kind of days ;) That was definitely the highlight of my week.

Like I said earlier, this week was mostly just a learning experience for me. My Heavenly Father really wanted me to learn a big lesson this week. I really want to tell you all this week of how grateful I am for prayer. I really had a few moments this week where I just felt really, really alone. The change for me was harder than expected. And I just felt really overwhelmed. And I don't really know why, but I couldn't get myself to focus on anything I was doing. I just felt like my mind was all over the place. And so I decided at night that I was going to go in another room than the other three sisters, so that I would be able to pray out loud.

I really loved praying out loud before my mission but it is obviously harder to do my personal prayers aloud because I am always with my comp. But I really new that was what I needed.  And so I took a few nights...and I just spent a really long time talking to my Heavenly Father. And pleading for His help. And telling Him that I don't know how I was going to do it without Him. And He carried me. He helped me through. He didn't take my burdens away. But He helped me to deal with them.

How incredibly grateful I am for the divine power of prayer. My testimony would be nothing without it. I am so grateful for my personal relationship with my Father in Heaven.
Don't ever take this relationship for granted, and work your hardest every day to continue to make this relationship stronger.

I LOVE YOU ALL. Thank you for your prayers.
I will talk to you soon. Have an amazing week!
Soeur Magleby

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