Tuesday, July 22, 2014

La pluie et le soleil‏

Soeur Stevens and me :) After a really long hot day....

Our Bastille Day celebration!! We had an awesome member couple take us to go see fireworks and we hung out after and partied with them :) it was so fun.

Fireworks!! (nothing compared to the 4th though...haha)

Blurry because we couldn't get the kids to hold still...but  Soeur Pagano (a sister I live with) and two of the most adorable kids in the world. Also yes, I have an African braid in my hair.

Hello again my darling loved ones! I hope you have all had a good week :)

I have had a really wonderful week! A reaaaaalllly really hot week. I think I sweated all week long. You're welcome for the details. Haha. Despite the super hot sun, we were able to think at least a little bit straight and we got to see many wonderful miracles!

I still just love Soeur S so much. She is such a hard worker. She is already contacting people by herself. She didn't take any French before or anything she is still working her best to be able to comunicate, but she just literally has no fear and is just taking on the mission life at full speed! It is so great. I am so grateful to be able to be her mission mom :)

I told you about Lina last week, and she is still doing super well. We actually saw another miracle with her this week. She said that after we fixed her baptism date she has just felt a huge change in her life, a really good one. She has been smoking for more than ten years. But she said that the Saturday after we had our rdv and we fixed her baptismal date, she was shopping and for some reason got pushed into the electronic cigeratte store. For those who don't know, a lot of people use electronic cigerattes (without nicotine) to try to help them stop smoking. And she said she doesn't really know how it happened, but she got convinced to buy one, and now she is been smoking that and she said she doesn't even have a desire to smoke. I know it sounds probably a little funny, but honestly...  miracle. I can't even tell you how many people I have taught that smoking is the only thing keeping them from getting baptized. So the fact that she decided to quit all on her own is an absolute miracle. It just really testified to me that Heavenly Father really prepares His children...He is definitely preparing her for her baptism in September. I am so excited.

Other than that we have just had a hard working week with lots of little miracles along the way. One of my favorite days this week was actually when I got to go on exchange with one of my absolute favorite missionaries in the mission, Soeur Stevens. She has been my sister training leader for about half my mission, and we have just really become good friends. And I got to go on another exchange with her this week and it ended up being a REALLY cool day. We saw a really cool miracle. We went to visit an old couple who are less active because they aren't really able to come to church, and the night before we had set a goal to have a lesson in the presence of a member, even if we didn't have any planned that day. We wanted to see a miracle. And we ended up teaching the restoration to this old couple's cleaning lady...it was SO cool! She was just there and apparently she is kind of like a stay-in nurse, and she ended up sitting with us and talking to us and taking a Book of Mormon. Another really simple miracle...but honestly it was such a cool moment.
And I actually really loved this exchange because I learned a huge lesson this day. In Annemasse they recently just had a member pass away. He was only 50 years and it was unexpected. And it really affected a lot of the members there because apparently he was just like a amazing missionary and a super wonderful guy. So we spent most the day going and talking to members and trying to help them feel better after his death...and it was a sad thing, but also a day where I really got to build my testimony. I got to testify a lot about how I recently lost someone I really care about...but how I know that now that just means she is just an angel watching over me :)

I just can't even put into words how grateful I am for the plan of salvation. If I ever have ANY doubts about anything...I just think of the happiness that our Heavenly Father has promised to us. Our eternal happiness. With those we love. And I really can't imagine anything better than that.

I am just so grateful for this Gospel. I am so grateful to be a messenger of the truth. And to follow Him in every way that I can.
I love you all!!
Soeur Magleby

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