Monday, July 14, 2014

Transfer number 9!‏

The baptism!

This is her with the girl who got baptized the week before, which is when she said she heard angels telling her she was next! :)

My fourth of July!! :) We have a friend who is we got together and ate huge burgers and mac and cheese. So, at least I did something. Haha

Hello my dear family!
So, you already got the news. But yes, I am staying here another transfer and I am training!! Which means I am recieving a brand new missionary :) I am actually headed to Lyon in couple hours; I stayed here  and kicked it with Soeur Nuutinen for a day and a half, the other sister who lives in my apartment. I am super excited to train! I am also just a little bit nervous. Mostly I am just excited to find out who she is!! But don't worry, I will definitely update you next week all about it :) I creepily already love her though...haha. I just have a feeling this can be a great transfer. There are wonderful miracles happening here, and I KNOW that it is only just the beginning!

On the downer side of things, although it is nothing to be too sad about, we didn't end up having a baptism on July 5th. BUT I am super grateful that I still get to assist in a miracle baptism by the other sisters equipe! It was a really wonderful and just beautiful and perfect day. And I love so much the girl who they baptized, she is so wonderful and will be such a great addition to our branch.  

But, the biggest and most wonderful miracle is that on July 5th, as a mission we had 22 baptisms!! Now THAT is a miracle. Absolutely incredible. This week I have just been filled with so much gratitude. I am so so grateful to be exactly where I am, I am so grateful for this mission. I am grateful for our president. And I am grateful to be here at this time, when we are seeing so many miracles. Here is a line from President Roney this week in The Miracle (the newsletter we get every week in the mission):   "Please write in your journal and write home and tell everyone that you were part of a true miracle of our day....Your names will be written down in the heavens as the missionaries who were there when the world changed."
President could not have said it better. Things are changing here. The work is hastening like crazy. More and more people are coming to the truth, more and more people are being prepared...and how incredibly grateful I am to be apart of this work, at this time!! I just feel so overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness. I just feel so overwhelmingly blessed to be a part of it all, to be apart of this work. Especially here in this wonderful country where crazy things are happening!!

Sorry I don't really have a lot to say this week. Really, all I have to say is how happy I am. How happy I am to be a missionary. How happy I am to be a disciple of Christ. To be a daughter of God.  In Relief Society yesterday we had a really wonderful lesson and there was a part of it that really touched me. Our member who was teaching passed out pieces of paper and had everyone write down in one or two words, what one or two words would represent them. But she told us as missionaries we weren't allowed to do the activity. And then at the end, she had as stand up. And she said "I didn't make the sisters do the activity, because they already have. They wear who they are over their heart over single day. They have Jesus Christ written on their plaque. And simply by that, they show their faith every single day. And they show others who they are, and what they believe in."  It was simple but I just felt so full of love at that moment. That when people look at me..they see exactly who I am. They see that I believe in Jesus Christ.
And that is exactly what I want people to see when they look at me for the rest of my life.
What a beautiful challenge and opportunity we have. To represent Him and to be His disciples.
I love you all. I will talk to you soon. Have a wonderful week.
Soeur Magleby

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