Monday, July 14, 2014


Me and Soeur Shields!
Haven't showed you many pictures of Chambé, voilà. 
Me and my awesome companion ;)
​.......the first time I saw this poster. I AM DYYYYING. I literally just had to stop and stare at it for a few seconds. Thought you would enjoy seeing it in French. 

Hello my dear loved ones. I have been so excited to talk to you all week because I am sure you are all dying to know how my bleu is...well...She is absolutely WONDERFUL. Her name is Soeur S, and she's from North Carolina. She just has every single quality that is so perfect as a bleu. She is just so sweet and so happy to be on a mission. She definitely has that bleu fire. She reminds me so much of what I was like when I was brand new. She is just so super excited to be in France and to be a missionary and man, I just forgot what it was like to have so much ENERGY. Haha. It really is so absolutely wonderful to train. It gives me a new energy. New missionaries really just have a different energy. You just get really...tired, after a while. For lack of a better word. And I forgot how much more energy I used to have, and she really helps me to regain that energy. It is awesome. And I realized how much I have just gotten used to the fact of living in France, because she is just dying at every little cobblestone and alleyway. And I forgot that I used to be like that...I think I took it for granted a bit. Anyway in summary, she is just the perfect bleu. We are having a blast together. All is well!

This week we spent lots of time in Lyon, so we only got about 2 days to really do work here. But the time we spent in Lyon was so fun. I was soo happy because one of my old companions Soeur C is also training this transfer. So we pretty much spent the ENTIRE time talking and her just filling me in on everything that is going on in Limoges, because she is now on her 5th transfer there. And I got to talk to our convert Co-- on the phone. It was just a fun few days getting to spend a lot of awesome time with a bunch of great missionaries.

When we got back here, we did have one really awesome miracle happen. We have a wonderful ami named Lina. Honestly the work in here has been a bit of a roller coaster ride. Right now, Lina is our only progressing ami. When last transfer we had about 5. So we are definitely going to work on just finding lots of new miracle people this transfer. Anyway, Lina. She is wonderful. It is hard to really explain her....but she is an amazing artist and just has a really profound way of thinking. Haha. She is pretty golden though, as long as we get her to really hold commitments. But we had this really cool lesson with her on Saturday which sadly my bleu didn't understand a word of.. but she just talked a lot about just how much she knows the church is true. And how God really led her to this church. She kind of has a lot of deep ways of thinking..but honestly every single thing she believes just goes in perfectly with what we believe. And she just kept talking about how weird it is that all the things we teach her just feel so weirdly familiar to she knew them before. I told her yes, it is because she did :) And the sisters just ported into her, around Christmas last year. And she said right before they knocked on the door she had just prayed, and had a voice in her head tell her "open the door." And then all of the sudden someone knocked on the door. And she opened it, and it was the sisters. So she is literally just like one of those super golden people. But like I said, we have a lot to try and overcome before her baptism. BUT the miracle was that we fixed her date for the 27th of September, and she thinks that is a perfect day. Probably sounds far away, but that is kind of like our next July 5th for the mission that we are going to try to have even MORE baptisms. And I am not letting this one slip past me! So, there was our miracle for the week.

Other cool miracle is guess who walked into our sacrament meeting yesterday? Gérald Caussé. He is the 1st counseler in the Presiding Bishopric. And obviously French, haha. But apparently sometimes he stays around here, so he came to church yesterday. I pretty much almost peed my pants though because I had to give a TALK yesterday. So I had to talk in front of him...I was terrified. It was really cool though. He talked to us, and I thought about how cool it was that I got to hear him talk in French and understand every word! Haha. It was a cool experience.

Everything is going so well for me right now. Honestly, life is wonderful. It truly is. I am just so happy with my situation right now. And I am happier than ever to be a missionary. I am so grateful for my mission. All that I have learned, and all that I have yet to learn. It has already changed my life in so many ways. I just feel blessed beyond words. I love you all. I hope you have a wonderful week!!

Love, Soeur Magleby

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