Monday, August 25, 2014

Big city here I come!

This was our oh so wonderful sick day :)

Soeur Shields and her first kebab

Hello my loved ones!

I apologize in advance...this is not going to be a super long one this week. I don't really have much to say, for multiple reasons. First reason is I had a super weird sickness last week. We honestly couldn't do REAL missionary work for about 4 days. It was pretty bad. Honestly though, I was thinking how lucky I was that that is truly the first time I have ever gotten sick enough to have to stay home on my whole mission. I feel like I have been truly blessed health, I couldn't be too mad about it.  It just really throws me off not to be able to do missionary work. But, don't worry! I am doing much better :) Don't worry about me. Just send your prayers my way like I know you always do and I will be just fine!

But as I told you yesterday...I am no longer in Chambéry! I honestly never thought I would have the opportunity to serve in Lyon...I am still kind of freaking out that I am here. Honestly though...I am going to LOVE it. I already can feel that. You know me and big cities. And apparently the ward here is amazing. It is just so cool to be here, it really feels so different to be in the heart of our mission. It kind of just feels like one big party filled with a ton of really awesome hard working missonaries. I truly just feel so blessed to be here! I am also the Sister Training Leader here in Lyon, which really just means I will be going on lots of exchanges with a lot of other sisters, which I am super excited about. This transfer will bring a ton of changes, and will no doubt be super stressful...but I am just going to trust in the Lord and do my best!

It was a little sad to leave my adorable daughter Soeur Shields in Chambéry...but, I think it will be good for her. But we really did have a wonderful transfer together! I was a little sad to say goodbye to the adorable branch too, but like I said...I know I have wonderful things coming my way!

I will tell you about two cool awesome miracles we saw this week.

First...we were on a bus. And I decided to talk to this really nice looking older guy. We start talking to him, and ends up being from New Zealand. Then he goes "Oh are Mormons? I am on my way to go have coffee with my friend who says she used to be a Mormon! Do you want to come with me and meet her?" And we were like uhh...;yeah! Haha. So here we go walking to this café with this guy, me just assuming that it is going to be a less active member in our branch that we possibly know. And then she walks up to us and goes "Oh hey missionaries." In the most American accent I have heard in a while. So I immediately said "Wow! where are you from?" PROVO. She is from Provo. How crazy is that! Here we were, sitting at a little café in France with a girl from Provo who had lived in Chambéry for 7 years. And she has been inactive for that long as well. But it was so crazy..because she literally had a regular Mormon childhood. It was such a cool miracle though that we ended up meeting her!! I hope they can bring her back because she is such a wonderful person.

And THEN. My last night in Chambéry. I was packing and stressing about life, but we decided to go out and contact for a little bit. And the SECOND we walk out of our apartment, I see this guy across the street who is just staring at us as he walks in his apartment. But we get a lot of we just kept walking. And then all of a sudden he is running across the street yelling "Pardon! Excusez-moi!" And they he says are you the Mormons? And we of course say yes. ... and long story short, this guy has been studying Mormons for YEARS. And he knows a ton about us. But he has not been able to talk to anyone that can give him real solid information about the Mormons, because he says he thinks it is so interesting. and he said "I just really want someone to tell me if it is true or not." WHAT THE. Haha we let him know that is what we do as missionaries :) It was just the best little miracle to end my transfer with!

Heavenly Father really blesses us when we do our best to serve Him. Seeing miracles is my absolute favorite thing. And I have a huge blessing to be able to see them every single day..It literally is the best thing in the world. I LOVE THIS WORK.
Haha..I said it wouldn't be long ;)
I love you all. I am so excited about my life at the moment. Things are crazy, but I literally could not be happier. I will see you all soon. Know that I am praying like crazy for you!
Soeur Magleby

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