Monday, August 25, 2014

BOLDNESS. And faith :)‏

Here is July in France....SO much rain! Haha, it is actually SUPER weird weather for summer. But yeah...We have been working in the rain this week :)
My exchange this week with a wonderful Italien sister, Sister De Feo! She is so awesome, it was a fun day :)

Annnnnnd there was this one time Soeur Shields and I didn't get home until past 10 PM annnd also rode a whole bus ride home with us being the only ones on the bus. We partied. (Same day as the above photo...Don't worry, I don't wear the same outfit all the time)

Hey everyone. I am not going to lie...This is one of those weeks that I really was not quite sure what to write about. We have had a really wonderful week (as always), but no huge news. So pretty much I just wanted to share with you what I learned from this week.  We had our Zone Conference on Wednesday. And this time around it was interviews with President Roney! Which, like always, is my favorite :) I really do my best to always prepare for my interviews with him. We only have one every other transfer (which means 6 for me) and I really like to go into them prepared because if I do..I really get amazing inspiration every single time. Pretty much all of us missionaries are just obsessed with President Roney but he really is favorite person ever. My biggest question for him was about sacrifice, and so we talked a lot about that because like I told you I have been studying it a ton. So, I learned a lot about that..but I already touched on that topic in my last letter. So I will tell you the amazing things I learned about faith this week!

Ever since Elder Andersen came here our mission has just been studying and talking and studying some more about FAITH. I have learned so much more than I ever really thought I could. I never thought I could learn so much about something I already that I knew about...and President taught me a really cool concept about faith this week I want to share with you.  I told him that I have been having a hard time not letting my faith drop. Because I try so so hard just to expect miracles but then tombez-vous after tombez' just gets REALLY hard to try to keep my faith that people might ACTUALLY show up to lessons. And President said to me "Well...getting upset when the miracles we want to happen don't happen is pretty much like asking for a sign." Haha. I felt like he kind of put my in my place, but it is true!! Just because the miracles I expect to happen aren't happening...doesn't mean that miracles aren't happening at all. President talked about how Heavenly Father doesn't always give us miracles because that would be like giving us a piece of candy every single time we do something right. And what kind of faith would that help us to grow? And he talked about how miracles can at times actually diminish our faith. I had NEVER thought of that. But it makes so much sense! That He can't just show us miracles all the time because He is constantly helping us to gain more faith, and He tests us by doing that. We have to be constantly tested and have our faith tried to REALLY develp the faith that we need. He also taught me that REALLY what faith trust. Complete trust in our Saviour. And most importantly, putting more trust in HIM  than we have in OURSELVES. That is the key. That is real faith. Trusting Him more than you trust ANYTHING else. And that is how we develop real, solid faith that will get us through everything that we experience in life. And not only help us overcome the hard things..but helps us have happiness along the way :)

I hope that makes is really hard at times to describe to you what is going on in my head and the kind of amazing things I learn. All in all....all we really have to do is put our trust in our Savior. Love him more than anything else. Serve Him with all of our heart. Give our selves to Him. Give our who LIVES to Him. And do everything that we do in life because we love Him.

Easy, right? Haha. None of us will really be able to reach that point in this life...because of the fact that we are human. But, we can get really, really close. And we can do our best. And that is what I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives doing!

And then here is my miracle I will share with you for the week :) This ami I was talking about last week, the husband of a member. I talked to president about him, and he gave me some amaaaazing advice. He told me to look him in the eye and say "You know what, without the church in your are going to be just fine. You will live a good life, and you'll be okay. But if you don't join the church..there are a lot of people whose lives will NOT be fine. When you join this church you will be an amazing example and have an incredible influence on people. But if you don't, people's lives will be BAD without you."

Wow. Super bold. But SUPER brilliant. So yesterday afternoon...We went to pass their house. They are SUPER hard to get a rdv with. And this whole past week they have been gone. But by a huge miracle, they were home!! And they let us in. And we got to sit and talk to them for a while and it was so so good. And I have to tell you...I almost left their house without doing what president asked me to do. I am so dang scared of this couple. Haha they are just SO cool that they are super super intimidating. It is hard to explain. But it took a ton of courage....but I did it. Right before we left. I looked straight into his eyes, and said those words.

...I have been working on my boldness recently...and I think my prayers were answered. I really can't believe I said that to him. It was terrifying. But, I did it! haha :) So there is my miracle for the week. It was a really cool moment.
I LOVE YOU ALL. I pray for you all. And I hope you have a wonderful week.
Put your trust in Him. All of it. And He won't let you down.
Love you!!
Soeur Magleby

Editor's note: We felt like Soeur Magleby didn't finish her story as to what happened after she was so BOLD.  She answered, "The end of the story is that he seemed super shocked after what I said, but then didn't say anything.but I know he thought about it that night :) that is what president told me would happen."

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