Monday, January 13, 2014

Heavenly Father is with us

I have been absolutely dying to email. Hold on tight everyone: I have some amazing stuff to tell you this week....

So, this transfer. As you have been able to see, has been pretty hard. Hard in the way that we feel like we have been working like crazy, but it seemed like everything was dead ending. We would find someone who we were so excited about. And then we would lose contact with them. It has been a super good transfer, but just really hard, because we have not been seeing a lot of the fruits of our efforts (not to say that all the small miracles we have seen have not been awesome).  We have just really had a test of diligence.

Well. Heavenly Father is with us. And He rewards us for our diligence. And He decided to show us that this week. It started on Friday. We got a phone call from an unknown number on our phone. She told me her name is Na--, and that she had just talked to Frère L--, a member in our ward. And she told me she got our number because she wanted to learn more about our message. So, we fixed a rdv for the next day. I hung up and I was super stoked. Of course, any phone call like that would make me super happy. I had no idea what was in store.

We texted Frere L-- because we thought he might have referred her to us. But he told me he had no idea who she was, she had just called the old church number. Old number, might I emphasize. We later learned that that number was not even supposed to work. But she called through. And she found us.

To give a little backstory: I had been feeling a bit of temptation this week. Nothing too huge, but, I was just feeling weirdly super lazy. And was not have a big desire to work. Which happens sometimes… but this week it felt super hard to overcome. And I couldn't figure out why. And I tried to tell myself that it might be because something amazing was about to happen. I also decided this week, to start praying for something really specific. I had been praying for Heavenly Father to SHOW me why I am here. I feel why I am here. I feel the importance of my calling. But I didn't see it. I wanted to see something that was going to show me why Heavenly Father has called me here. Here as in Limoges. Or in France. Or on a mission at all. I had just been really praying for Him to help me see the work that He has for me to do here.

So as we were walking up to this rdv...I kind of told myself it was going to be a miracle. So I was kind of expecting it. Once again, I had no idea....

We walked in. And we see her ADORABLE little five year old boy. Literally one of the cutest kids I have ever seen. And she is so sweet and nice. And then she says "Alright, you are probably wondering why I asked you over here." And then she begins to tell us her story.

I wish I could explain in words this rdv to you. But words I have could even begin to describe it. She tells us her story. God has literally been preparing this woman her entire life.
It is a pretty long story and kind of hard to explain. But 20 years ago she lost her mom and it was really hard on her. And one day, she literally fell to her knees and just started bawling. And she kept describing to us this crazy feeling that she felt. This huge overwhelming peaceful feeling that she couldn't even describe. And she told us that this experience changed her whole life. She has not forgotten it ever since.

She then had a little contact with the church. She met someone who was a member. But then she moved to France (she lived on an island close to Madagascar..I don't remember the name) and when she came to France she lost the church contact information. And she has been looking ever since. And she finally found us.

We started teaching her the first lesson, the restoration. And she understood everything PERFECTLY. And then when I recited the first vision she just had these tears falling down her face. And she told us she felt that same feeling she felt that time she prayed. By the end of the rdv she was literally testifying to us of how much she knows that church is true. We asked her to be baptized on Feb. 8th and I have NEVER seen anyone so excited.

There was this moment that happened, that I hope to never forget as long as I live. We were all kneeling on the floor, about to pray. She brought her adorable five year old son into her arms. She looked at him at said "Hey, do you know who this girls are? Their names are Soeur Magleby and Soeur L. And they have finally showed us the way." And then she looks over at us and says "Today was the beginning of my new life. And the 8th of February will be the real beginning."

Words cannot begin to explain what I felt in that moment. I walked out of that lesson with tears falling down my face. I have never been so humbled. I am so humbled that Heavenly Father has chosen me to be an instrument in His hands to be able to bring his daughter back to Him. 

N-- literally just fell into our laps. We didn't do anything to find her by our own efforts. But, He blessed us for our diligence. And it was an amazing answer to my prayer.

I know exactly why I am here. And I couldn't feel more blessed. Or feel more happiness. She came to church yesterday and LOVED it. She is so excited for her baptism. And I couldn't be more excited for her.

Miracles happen. Heavenly Father is preparing His children. He loves us all so much. So as you can see, this week was amazing.

Transfer calls this week. I am pretty scared. I don't want to leave. But, whatever happens, I know that it will be exactly where I am supposed to be.

I love you all so much. Our Savior lives and He loves you. Don't forget that.
Soeur Magleby

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