Monday, January 27, 2014

Le cinquième mutation

Salut my loved ones!
I hope you have all had a wonderful week!
So, as you all already know, I am staying here in Limoges!! I had a feeling I would be staying. But I was also terrified that I might leave. But, voila! Here I am! I am so excited to stay. Because you all know what that means...I get to be here for N--'s baptism! More on her in a moment.
My new companion is Soeur C-.  I didn't know Soeur C before, but things seem to be going great! I will definitely keep you updated. But I am pretty content so far. It was pretty heartbreaking to leave Soeur L though. I definitely teared up, which has never happened to me before. She is definitely a friend I made on the mission that I am going to stay friends with!

 I am excited to start a new transfer though. It always gives me the opportunity to start anew. And to set new goals. See what things I need to improve to be a better missionary. So, I am looking at this transfer with positivity. I think it will be a good one! Full of miracles, that is sure.
So, had my first baptism on Saturday! It was so amazing. Everything went absolutely PERFECT. I was so pleased. I felt like the entire ward was just on Cloud 9. This ward has not seen a baptism in two years, and everyone just didn't even know how to handle it they were so happy. It was such an amazing moment to see Fr-- enter into that water. After everything that she has been through. She is finally officially back. And her testimony she bore at the end was so beautiful. And she was SO happy to get the Gift of the Holy Ghost back into her life. It was just an absolutely amazing weekend full of so much love!
And of course, I am sure you are all dying to know about N--.
She. Is. Amazing. She came to Fr's baptism because she was so excited to see how everything works. She LOVED it. There was this amazing moment when Fr was in the font, and as she went under the water I just felt the Spirit SO strong, and I looked over at N- and she was just bawling. And she looked at me and tried to explain what she was feeling. And I just smiled through my tears and said "I know. I feel it too."
She told me at the end of the service about how excited she is for her own baptism. She is seriously already a member. She is friends with everyone. And they all love her. And we have a lot of rdv's to go teach her at member's houses.
I am SO excited to be a part of this experience. She is so incredible.  And her son is amazing and loves Jesus and primary SO much. The only heartbreaking thing is she is in the middle of divorcing her husband, and he won't let their son go to church. So she can't take him. And it breaks my heart. But, things will be okay.
I am so excited for another transfer here in Limoges. I love this city. I love these members. I feel good about this transfer. I am finally in the spot where I really know what I am doing as a missionary, and I am just ready to give it my all.  I have been reading a lot of talks on becoming a consecrated missionary. And it has changed me a lot. I just really realized this week that I only have 11 more months to serve my Heavenly Father. And to be a representative of my Savior. And literally nothing else matters more than that right now.
I put everything else aside. Because for right now, nothing else matters.
And this transfer I am really going to do everything I can to accomplish all that Heavenly Father wants for me. No matter how hard it is. No matter how many trials come.
A scripture I read today in Moroni 8 today really answered my prayers when I read "perfect love casteth out all fear."
I am going to do my very best to perfectly love every single person around me.
And then I have absolutely no reason to be afraid. Of anything.
I am so, so grateful to be exactly where I am right now.
Je vous aime BEAUCOUP!!
Passez une bonne semaine!
Soeur Mag

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