Wednesday, September 17, 2014


We had Zone Conference this week! It was wonderful. My comp and me and another sister I love, Sister Roberts :)

We hung out with our zone last week on P-Day and I just hate to take this picture because I was just laughing to myself at what kind of place we were "hanging out" in. #frenchmissionaries
We play soccer every Saturday, and Sonia came and then we all went out to sushi :) She is the best.

Salut! Welp. Another week of miracles.

This week...we had AMAZING things happen. The biggest that we FINALLY reached our goal of having 20 lessons!! We actually ended up having 21. And it was so cool. Honestly, the best part of it was that all of these lessons we had were taught to our progressing amis. Well, most of them. We did have a couple cool miracle lessons on the street, but for the most part, we have just seen so many huge miracles this week in seeing our amis progress.

I am sooo excited for the 27th of September. The mission is just exploding right now. That is the only way I can describe it. We are all working so hard, and Heavenly Father is just pouring His blessings upon us. And I can't wait to see how many people we get to bring unto Christ that day! We are really hoping and praying to have 2 baptisms that day. We will definitely have one, Ba-- :) She is just doing absolutely wonderfully. She is just the sweetest. Honestly, I am so in love with all of our amis. I don't know why, but I sincerely LOVE all the people I am working with right now. I care so much for every single one of our amis. I just feel like they are all my best friends. Anyway, Ba-- is doing great. She is a huge miracle and her faith is just growing more and more!

And then our other huge miracle. Sonia. Ooh là là. I couldn't even put into words and tell you how much I absolutely adore her. Our rdvs this week were just incredible. From the very first moment she was contacted on the street she has been a huge miracle. And honestly, she just keeps being so much better than I even thought! It has been 3 weeks since we started teaching her. And she already knows with all of her heart that this church is true. In one of our rdvs she was just talking to me about how she is just so anxious to share this message with everyone. It was so cute. She was just like EVERYONE needs to know this!!" And so she has been talking to all of her friends about the Book of Mormon.  And she stays up until 2 in the morning because she can't put it down. And she just can't get over Alma. It is her favorite. Haha. She honestly has been showing so much faith, I am so amazed by her. The word of wisdom has been hard for her.But in just a week....she has gone from 20 to 4 cigarettes a day, and stopped drinking coffee and wine. She is just putting her faith into action. Being able to be a part of this experience with her has honestly just grown my testimony so much. She looked at me one day this week, and she just looked me in the eyes and said "This is has changed my life."

So simple. But it hit me so hard. I have seen the Gospel change so many people's lives throughout my mission. And that is the beauty of the Gospel. And it is just so cool to see when people actually recognize that change. She is just so simply excited to start her new life. And I couldn't be more excited for her!

Also...I don't know if I told you this, but she is a film director. And also she does theater and teaches cinema here in France. I KNOW. I about died. Soo long story short we are in the middle of making plans for our movie we are going to do together on the Book of Mormon :) Haha, really though. I am so excited.

I am just amazed again and again everyday of how beautiful this Gospel really is. And I am amazed again and again at how blessed I am to be able to be a part of it. And to see this change in peoples' lives.  It is something I will never be able to deny. There are many reasons I know I could never deny the Gospel, but just being able to SEE people come unto Christ and how much that changes their lives..that is absolutely incredible to me.

I just don't know why I got so lucky, honestly. To be able to experience all of this.  I just really love you all so much. I know this is God's work. And He is in charge of it. I have never felt closer to Him. And I have never felt happier.
Je vous souhaite une bonne semaine! Je vous aime!
Soeur Magleby

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