Monday, September 8, 2014

And the miracles keep comin!‏

I found fro yo in Lyon...I was so excited. Haha don't mind the random background.

Our awesome Lyon zone!!

My first exchange of the transfer :) with darling Sister Kupfer. I lived with her when I was a blue!

...Lyon is pretty.

I don't know if you will recongize him...but I ran into this kid this week. I was pretty fun :)

Salut! :) I honestly do not even know where to begin with this week. I don't think I could even tell you everything that happened in just ONE email. Soo...I will do my very best.

This week was full of HUGE mriacles. It was a super busy week as well. Started out the week with going to a meeting that we have for all the leaders in the mission. It was so great. It was (obviously) my first time going, and it honestly was so fun just to be able to be in that room with some of the greatest missionaries in the mission, and with our super awesome mission president. And to be able to talk about how to have more success in the mission and to help all the missionaries. Honestly...our mission is exploding right now. It is such a cool time in the mission. I just feel so SO blessed to be here right now. We also had our zone training this week and it was great because we got to help with part of it. Recently in our mission we have just focused on having unity as a mission. And I feel like this transfer we have just really exploded with making that our focus. And it has been the absolute coolest thing to see! No matter how big our mission is our how many missionaries we have...I can't even explain how cool it is to feel completely united with the entire mission. It is so cool. It just, once again, makes me realize how much I LOVE this mission.

I will probably say this ten times before the end of this email...I just feel so, so BLESSED! That is all I can really feel this days. Just so much happiness. And so, SO blessed!

Okay, I am too anxious. I want to tell you about the absolutely amazing miracle we saw this week!
So, a huge focus we have right now in the mission as well is having 20 lessons a week. is SO hard. I know it is possible...but having 20 lessons a week is actually a ton. There have only been a few equipes that have reached it. But we are trying with all of our might! And we saw two absolutely amazing miracle lessons this week.

First one. Saturday. It was such an awesome day. Started out the door playing soccer with our amis like we do every Saturday morning (no I am still not good), and then that night we decided to go pass this miracle person that Soeur Richardson had met two transfers earlier. It was this girl she contacted that was a huge miracle because she had ALREADY read the Book of Mormon. But she is Spanish, so then she left to Spain for the past two transfers. But we knew she was home so we decided to go pass her. She answered the door and recognized us immediately. And we ended up having a really awesome lesson with her right then and there...

Do you remember Natalie? And how amazing of a miracle she was? Sonia reminds me so much of the Natalie miracle I had. She is absolutely INCREDIBLE. mind was blown. She is the absolute most prepared person I have ever seen. She found the Book of Mormon in a library. And she read the entire thing. Her favorite scripture is in Alma and her favorite book is Moroni. Oh, and her favorite scripture in the bible is James 1:5. When she told us that Soeur Richardson and I just literally started like laughing so was like, way too good to be true. She already knows SO much about the church.  Gosh...I honestly can't put it into words. But she is absolutely incredile.

I just can't believe I got to be apart of such an amazing miracle. I just feel nothing but absolute gratitude that Heavenly Father has let me see so many amazing miracles throughout my mission.
He is preparing people. And he puts them in our path. I just love so incredibly much to be able to be apart of it all!

And then that night we decided to celebrate by going to get this reeeaally good food called MasterTacos...haha. And on the way there we met this awesome guy...who ended up calling us, 5 minutes after we gave him our card, and telling us he wanted to come to church and "to become a part of it." What the?? Haha. Literally...I can't get over all these miracles. Oh, and then we ran home from MasterTacos in 5 minutes and then was...let me tell ya. Another huge miracle. Haha. more. And then yesterday we went to pass a less active. And we walked in and her daughter was suuuuper sick. And her daughter is not a member. and so we prayed with her. And then we got the impression to ask her for a blessing. So, we asked her. And she knows a little bit about the she said why not. Long story short, this girl was literally sitting on the couch in absolute tears she was in so much pain, and then we had this awesome member come over and give her a blessing. And 5 minutes after her blessing....she stood up and starting DANCING around the room. It was the most hilarious thing. Sorry, I didn't really do the story justice but it was honestly one of the coolest things I have ever seen.


Sorry, this email is all over the place. But I hope you have been able to see just how happy I am. And how many miracles are happening!

I am doing so great. I am just so happy. I can't even understand how I deserved all this.

My testimony has grown so much, even in just a week.
I know this church is true  with all of my heart. And I just love it so much I couldn't even put it into words. I am so grateful to be a missionary. So, so grateful.
I love you all. I hope you have an amazing week!
Soeur Magleby

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